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The UK's First 'Robot' Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Myths

In the last week, the UK has just witnessed a significant breakthrough. One that could soon prompt an intriguing rash of conversations in various male bolt-holes across Britain. For example:

-Have you seen Dave recently?

- No

-Well, he seems to be sporting a remarkably luxuriant bouffant.

- Really? That is a surprise.

- Yes it is, considering his head hasn't been bothered by a comb since 1998.

The event that has triggered this imaginary conversation is the occurrence of the UK's first hair transplant - by robot. Yes, if I were one of the daleks, I would be getting a bit nervous because this piece of kit could be putting their status as Britain's favourite automaton under threat.

One of the original pioneers of this technique is a chap called Dr Craig L. Ziering, originally from New York but now based in Beverley Hills. He has brought the $250,000 machine across the pond to a clinic in West London, and it was there that the watershed operation took place.

I must admit, at the moment my forehead is very much winning its 38 year long territorial battle with my hair. As well as making me consider the benefits of a little assistance, it also serves as a constant reminder of a follicle free ex-work colleague and the reason he gave for his predicament.

He blamed his mum.

She always seemed a strange target to me, but he was of the opinion that baldness comes from genes on the mother's side. To be honest I have heard this theory many more times over the years but it turns out that this is rather unfair (the hair loss gene can be passed down from either parent) And it is not the only myth when it comes to hair loss.

Here are my 3 favourites:

1 - Hair loss is a result of high levels of testosterone

Fiction: Hair loss is caused by hair follicles from some parts of the head being more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone ( I like to call it DHT, as if we are close mates), as opposed to higher levels of testosterone.

2 - Wearing hats or wigs makes you go bald

Fiction: Your hair doesn't actually need to breathe as hair follicles get their oxygen from the bloodstream . So wear a hat. What the hell, where three.

And finally..

3- Hair loss can be cured by standing on your head

Fiction: You will just get a headache. And a reputation as a being a bit odd, as well as a bit bald.

So do you know anymore? Please share if you do!