12/10/2015 18:49 BST | Updated 12/10/2016 06:12 BST

10 Signs You're Still a Nineties Girl

The Nineties are having a 'moment'. TFI Friday is back, chunky-soled shoes are part of the zeitgeist and Nineties nostalgia has made that tricky decade spent navigating adolescence seem way cooler than it ever was at the time. So if you're currently experiencing flashbacks to that lost weekend at Creamfields or shoehorning your 'I saw Oasis at Knebworth/got mashed at the Hacienda/was spotted by a talent scout at the Clothes Show Live' stories into every conversation, chances are, you're a Nineties girl at heart.

1. You're beyond excited that Nineties fashion is 'in' again and discover there is the wardrobe of a Shoreditch hipster stashed in your loft. You knew one day you'd be glad you hung on to that satin slip dress from Snob and those Dr Marten's cherry reds.

2. You're secretly thrilled Alex from Blur turned out to be a middle-class cheese peddler, he always seemed like such a nice boy. Now you can't get enough of his over-priced chèvre.

3. Although you claim to have quit the white stuff, you can't quite get your head around 'sugar-shaming'. After all, growing up on a diet of Pop-Tarts and Hubba Bubba never did you any harm.

4. You audibly gasp at recent pictures of Johnny Depp. That paunch, those ill-fitting suits and yellow teeth... he used to be so pretty.

5. And yet Bez has aged so well...

6. You consider selling your 'vintage' FCUK and Morgan skinny tees on Ebay. They were tight enough the first time around, there's no way you'll still be able to breathe in them now.

7. Why has buying festival tickets become so difficult? Forget photo ID ticketing, circa 1990 all you needed was a field, a strobe and a bloke with some decks.

8. Buying music has become way too easy. Gone are the bootleg CDs, excitable Saturday queues in Our Price and pilgrimages to the vinyl mecca that was Tower Records. The Apple Store just takes all the fun out of it.

9. You secretly panic that brown lipstick might make a comeback too. It never suited anyone apart from Winona Ryder. Same goes for gamine pixie crops and heroin-chic.

10. You're desperate to see the Happy Mondays at the Brixton Academy, then remember this time around you'll have to book a babysitter and probably a week off work to recover.