My Mum Story - 1,180 'Ordinary And Everyday' Photos By Mother's Day

24/03/2017 15:07 GMT | Updated 24/03/2017 15:07 GMT

My life journal

Maintaining a journal started with my lockable diary as a teenager. The transition to photos came aged 29 when I got with my first wage as Head of Airline Marketing for Manchester Airport. That's when I treated myself to a DSLR camera. I'll be honest; keeping journals has never been consistent until I made the evolution to document life through photography.

My Mum Story begins

On Thursday 2nd January 2014, when we had our twelve week scan for our first baby, I decided to take a photo every day. That's right. Every day. This new, wonderful chapter that I had dreamed of was about to happen and I was not going to let it pass me by. I'm not a massive fan of getting in photos but I knew that if I didn't do this, I couldn't turn the clock back.

It starts off easy....

So, off I began. My job meant lots of photos with new airlines launching and exciting events. Weekends were devoted to nesting and relaxing. We started to collate photographs each quarter and make slideshows, which I know bored my family to tears!


Prepping for the big day to arrive!

.... then it get's really hard

When Joseph arrived, two weeks early and via emergency C-section, the first weeks were tough. And I mean tough. No one could have prepared me for the mental challenges, the exhaustion and the transition to motherhood. I put huge pressure on myself and despite all odds, with tenacity I never knew existed, I managed to conquer breastfeeding. I was an absolute zombie at times but still managed to keep my photo promise. If I could crack breastfeeding I could crack this!


My first time out with Daddy and Joseph. I dragged myself out for afternoon tea, tired and make up free. Joseph was taking my milk from a tiny cup which was stressful so this must have been taken beforehand!

The photography bug hits me

As time rolled on, taking photos became simple. The habit was fixed. Smiling, crawling, weaning, I often ended up with too many pictures to choose! A new passion had cemented thanks to documenting my story as a mum.

Mum turns brave.....

Having been on an extraordinary journey of self discovery through The Marketing Academy (a voluntary organisation developing leadership capability in talented marketers) in 2010, I took the brave decision to set up my own business. I'm proud to say I am on this planet to be a mum first and my job will always take (a close) second.

... Inspired By Joseph

So, inspired by my son, I set up my business, Inspired By Joseph photography. As well as documenting family life, my ultimate passion became helping people to become better photographers. As I began to focus on building my business, I wondered if it was time to pause my photo journal. But then I fell pregnant again and knew to carry on so that both children had the same memories. My second pregnancy flashed by and suddenly beautiful Victoria entered our world.


Appreciating how amazing motherhood is!

I loved the two under two club

The pressure to take the same photos with Victoria and with the craziness of life, photos became difficult once again. With a new level of tiredness and preparing photos for our now half yearly slideshows, I threatened to stop. I could just manage to brush my hair that hadn't been washed in a week but once I had words with myself I was back on track.


Trying to hide the fact that my hair was greasy AND the children have emptied most of the bookshelf! I'm still smiling though!

Time passes by too fast

Like the rollercoaster of life, things have settled down and I remind myself why I am doing this. To document my family's life. And to inspire other mums to do the same. However challenging it has been I have the best chapters of my life documented to share with generations to come.

On the run up to Mother's Day, I'm providing a range of free tools to support Mums with my mission which are all complimentary and accessible here including:

• A calendar with reminders and photo ideas to last a whole year

• A positive affirmations sheet to remind Mums to get in more photos

• Mummy milestone cards to celebrate the completion of new things related to your Mum story

• A invitation to join my 14 day My Mum Story group on Facebook which will help keep us all on track and get us off to a good start.

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