04/09/2015 07:39 BST | Updated 03/09/2016 06:59 BST

Canada: Unique Experiences and Where to Find Them

Unique is the opposite of well known. It is something you have to look hard to find. Everyone wants to experience it, but unfortunately, few people actually do. Blinded by the allures of the (equally beautiful) tourist trails that exist around the world, our travels often lack the authenticity we so crave. So, in this feature, we're going to try to open your eyes to the true meaning of unique, using a range of little-known experiences in Canada as perfect examples. Because in amongst the well-trodden paths of this vast country, there exists an uncharted territory, a world that few people have been lucky enough to discover. This is your chance to really see it for the first time with a little help from Black Tomato.

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