13/11/2015 10:52 GMT | Updated 13/11/2016 05:12 GMT

The Philippines - A Secret Paradise

The Philippines is famous for its picturesque beaches and the taste of paradisical island life it offers to intrepid and discerning travellers. It's a destination that is cropping up on more and more people's travel radars and it's easy to see why; culture, beauty and inspiring natural landscapes are never more than a boat ride or a hike away. What's more, there are over 7000 islands to explore and hop across in this scenic part of the world and each island is full of secret splendour and sequestered serenity. All the buzz surrounding these isles is starting to make sense now, right? But ignore the background noise for now and follow our guide. These are the spots you have to see; if you time it right, you might just have them all to yourself...


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