01/04/2013 16:38 BST | Updated 01/06/2013 06:12 BST

Stupidity and Anti-Semitism, Thy Name Is Legion

Okay, I know that I risk being attacked by bigots, anti-Semites and the other pond life and creepy-crawlies out there, but I don't care. As a Voltairian I believe in freedom of speech. So here's me exercising my freedom.

My late Dad was a young soldier, a private in a racially segregated US military, just 20 years old, who hit the beach at Normandy the week after D-Day, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and walked into a concentration camp in the spring of 1945. So I really don't care what the above have to say. Mazel-tov!!!

Because this one's for you, Pop.


I tweeted the following today and thought they should be seen in their entirety:

"I unfollowed because a tweet began: "The jew #Miliband". Can't believe the level of #antiSemitism & ignorance online right now.#SunderlandFC" "Ignoramuses are talking online about #fascism and the #Hitler salute like they're some kind of fashion choice. #SunderlandFC"

"#Romansalute" Right. Know what? An avowed #fascist has no place in English football. On the record and straight up."

"And #Gove wants kids to focus on rote. #Education is much more. This #SunderlandFC thing proves it. #fascism #antiSemitism #stupidity"

David and Ed Miliband's family lost over 40 family members to the Holocaust, the supreme expression of fascism and anti-Semitism. Their late father and their mother barely escaped extermination themselves. What the hell did anyone expect this man to do but resign from a football club whose manager has made the 'Roman salute' and who has reportedly stated, according to the BBC, that Mussolini "was deeply misunderstood".

This isn't just Sunderland FC's business, and the business of their American owner or simply a matter of football. And by the way, trust me on this: the owner of any sport franchise who'd hire an acknowledged fascist in any capacity would be out of sport in the US. Forever. And it wouldn't matter whether said manager was a fascist in the past, wins every game going, and little kids and dogs love him.

The manager of a major club is a huge part of British public life. And an avowed fascist past , present or whatever - has no place in British public life.

On this point, I hope that I don't have to waste your time or mine in explaining why.

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