16/05/2013 13:30 BST | Updated 16/07/2013 06:12 BST

Believe in Eurovision!


So here we are: I'm going to be flying the flag for the United Kingdom at the 58th Eurovision Song Contest this year in Malmo, Sweden! And what's more - I am completely honoured to do it! I have to be honest, I wasn't sure at first - but then it suddenly dawned on me that this is an incredible thing. It's an amazing opportunity to represent your country for doing something you love. In actual fact my husband Robert had represented the UK in the Olympic Games at judo in 1972. So we are two halves of a couple who have both done something for their country. Now that can't be bad! Funnily enough the BBC had actually asked me to do it in 1983 but I wasn't able to do it then because I was too busy. Now, it's the perfect time.

Our song is called Believe In Me and I am hoping they will believe in me! The song is about a couple and she is saying things like, "come on, let's pull together" and "let's be one" and "we can do it" and "we've got something special". It's like a "believe in us" kind of thing, you know? There is also a bit of a story behind the writing of the song: When I got to Nashville and I was searching for songs for my new album Rocks and Honey - I was thinking about my old friend Desmond Child. I had worked with Desmond in 1987 and I was talking to my producer, David Huff, and I said, "you know, I've lost Desmond's number". The last time I had Desmond's number he was living in Florida. He said, "He's actually living in Nashville now". I said, "I don't believe it! David said, "I'll get hold of him". So he gave him a ring and Desmond invited us over to dinner that very night.

So at the dinner I said to Desmond, "do you have any songs for my new album?" He doesn't mess about: the very next day he sent a song down to Blackbird Studio in Nashville, which is a famous studio where a lot of artists have worked over the years. So, I was listening to the songs and I really loved Believe In Me. He said, "yeah, but it's not finished yet, there's got to be another verse". He said "how about coming up tomorrow night for dinner again and I'll finish it at dinner?" And he did. Right there at the dinner table! I still have him singing it on my mobile phone.

I know all the jokes about the Eurovision Song Contest - but nonetheless there is something about it that is funny and special. You HAVE to believe in Eurovision as it's an institution! I just wish my mother and father were alive to see me on it. They just loved Eurovision and they would be so proud. I've got a big family and unfortunately they couldn't get tickets to go because they had all sold but they're all rooting for me. For them, as with everyone in the UK, it will be a whole night of compulsive viewing with family and friends. I remember watching Sandie Shaw win with Puppet On A String in 1967, and Lulu with Boom Bang-a-Bang a couple of years later. Katrina (and the Waves) was the last one to win it for us - and she had a great song (1997's Love Shine a Light).

To be honest, for me, it isn't even about the winning. I'm realistic. It's going to be great taking part in it and I'm sure the camaraderie will be really good with all the other countries taking part. We're all in the same boat, you know. Your own country can't vote for you so we're all relying on other countries to vote for us so let's not take ourselves too seriously and just enjoy the night, enjoy the performance and do our best. I'd love to win but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't.

So come on, let's do this: everyone in the UK please root for me and have a great time doing it. It is about all of us being a part of it, no matter what the final 'points' are!

Bonne's new album Rocks And Honey is out now. The Eurovision track Believe In Me is also available on iTunes