04/04/2016 11:02 BST | Updated 04/04/2017 06:12 BST

Time Flies - Are You Using It Wisely?

A lot of us race around to create time, we rush to get home from work, we rush our weekend chores but what do we do with this time we create?

You may play sports, socialise with friends, explore new hobbies or just chill out, but I know a hell of a lot of people that do sweet F*±k all and it frustrates me!

We've become a generation of home bods, we sit in our homes, flick through 900 channels and end up playing on our phones looking through Facebook, Instagram or playing words with friends, and god knows what other apps. What happened to actually playing scrabble with your friends...in person...at a table?

A lot of my thoughts come as a result of my travels, that get up and go attitude, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and being part of a community. Travellers / Nomads / Backpackers...all of us are part of that 'religion', that community that makes us feel safe. Safe enough to leave our life possessions in a 12 bed shared dorm but it doesn't just need to apply on our travels, as a foreign land to one is a native to another. Where's that community spirit gone at home? Where are those orange neighbourhood watch stickers that used to be in every porch window that made people feel as though they were part of something? I always remember my parents and grandparents telling me how doors were left open and everyone would play together in the street, will that ever return? Its that element of trust and community that has been lost but is stronger than ever in the travelling world.

What can you get involved in?

I'm running the Hackney Half Marathon for St. Joseph's Hospice and after visiting the hospice this weekend it's incredible how much they do for the community, but more interestingly how much the community do for them. As a registered charity they rely heavily on donations and voluntary help, which ranges from volunteers helping in the coffee shop, which is open to anyone by the way, to more skilled volunteers helping out with alternative therapies to reduce their pain and suffering. This is just one small organisation in East London that has really brought the community together and yet there are so many amazing community and conservation projects out there that need your help. (You can help me support them by donating here).

You may have some specific skills that can help, key attributes to contribute, or you may simply just have your time to donate. Either way, you can make a big difference and I guarantee you'll enjoy it a lot more than you think.

If you're not sure what to do, its good timing, because this year is the 60th Anniversary for the Duke of Edinburgh awards and anyone can take part in the Diamond Challenge...read more

"Celebrating our Diamond Anniversary the DofE is calling for everyone to give it their all in 2016, for themselves, their families, their communities and others, and for the DofE, so that the Charity can power generations to come and offer more young people the gift of opportunity."

We all deserve a break now and then...

But ask yourself how much spare time you have and how well you utilise it. It may be a few hours a week; it may be a few weeks a summer; you may choose it to take up a new hobby; or learn something new to develop yourself; or you may use it to help others. No matter what you choose, you'll become a better person for it, so choose something, not nothing!