26/09/2016 06:55 BST | Updated 23/09/2017 06:12 BST

A Wake Up Call For Guys

Sorry brothers, but we've screwed-up big time and it's time to face the music, as nothing less than the future of the planet is at stake. Yeah, it's that big. And yeah, we're at fault, individually and collectively.

Maybe it began when we created God as a self-made man, even though the Almighty was definitely female up to that point, all those pagans worshipping the Divine Feminine, balance and harmony in all life, and on the planet. Bor-ing.

But guys being guys, we wanted to be the centre of attention, so we decided to make God our wing man, kicked all the women out of the temples and set up the first man caves, run by priests (who seemed to have a fondness for alter boys, but we made sure we punished women for that too!)

And we decided that, to ensure that people continually paid attention to us, we'd get rid of the whole harmony-of-life-thing and replace it with hierarchy. Instead of circular power it would flow from top down, from the First Guy, to His Son, to the priests, to the kings, to the soldiers and bankers. The first private club and only guys allowed.

Then several millennia passed drenched in blood and gore, because boys will be boys.

We've been running the show for just about ever, a few annoying queens here and there, and look what we have to show for it: endless war, torture, rape, genocide, corporate and political state mind control, ruination of the environment and oh yeah -- a coming ice age!

But hey! Give us a break! Us guys invented the wheel (can't really know if that's true, but if a woman did invent the wheel we certainly stole the patent and kicked her out of the cave for being a know-it-all); fire (well, I guess lightning created that -- but we learned how to use it to burn people at the stake -- the first barbecues!); atomic energy (well, I guess that Currie chick had something to do with that...); the light bulb, the car, and the Internet! We sent other guys to the moon and figured out how to put insect DNA in corn so it would glow in the dark -- cool!

Above all else, we men learned how to blow stuff up, and what kind of a world would we have without stuff blowing up all the time? A world only suitable for women, small dogs and annoying cats.

So how come we're still running the show when we're obviously so bad at it?

Well, first, he who holds the means to blow stuff up pretty much gets to write the rules; we set up rules early on (that whole male God-thing) to keep us front and center, holding all the cards and the money; and we whine like babies when anyone challenges us (the whole angry-white-male-thing) and nobody wants to be around a whiner, so they let us keep our toys.

We also did a very cool thing: we made responsibility sound like a sole male attribute in order to keep us in charge. Hoping no one would actually look around at the world and call bull...Responsibility? Tell that to the hungry children, the fatherless families, the abused daughters, the war dead and the refugees.

Hey, men didn't do all that? Men aren't responsible for all that?

Really? Wow, we have been drinking our own Kool-aide for far too long.

Who's been running the show? Who's been speaking for God? Guys. That's who. Just guys, not super beings from outer space, or evil emperors from the ninth dimension, just schoolyard bullies. Just fourteen years olds wearing Hugo Boss suits.

In any case, it's time for those that made the mess to start to take responsibility for the clean-up. The good news? A large part of the clean-up probably involves blowing stuff up!