17/01/2012 07:38 GMT | Updated 17/03/2012 05:12 GMT

France's Triple-A Sinks: Sarkozy Heading for The Rocks?


As we survey the debris left from a hectic last few day it's rather clear that Francesco Schettino isn't the only captain of a ship left red faced and at the center of public scrutiny.

With parallels to the Costa Concordia it is clear that skipper Nicolas Sarkozy failed rather miserably to navigate his nation's Triple-A credit rating into clear seas and out of the rolling waves and exposed rocks that punctuate the tempestuous eurozone. Certainly his AAA-vessel has been buffeted by the unrelenting winds of Europe's bond markets for months now, however his countries crowning glory is for now at the bottom of the sea - its hull punctured by the piercing downgrade handed down by Standard and Poor's.

The loss of its national treasure leaves France ever more exposed to the ravages of an ever-pessimistic eurozone and casts question on the credibility of the 'Merkozy' duo to continue to head European summits. However an immediate break-up of this twosome is a little hard to envisage.

Closer home to Sarkozy himself it would seem that with less than 100 days until the polls open on the 22nd of April it could be that France's premier has lost some grip on his hopes to continue his Presidential ways. Lets just see how the French Socialist, Francois Hollande and Marine Le Pen launch upon Sarkozy, after all it was he was at the helm of the ship. It just lays the question as to whether the weekends sinkings is what lays ahead for Monsieur Sarkozy?