30/10/2013 13:20 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

True Tiger X Big Narstie On Keeping The Grime Scene Animated.


What do you get when you add Bass + Base? The answer is the new True Tiger and Big Narstie collaborative EP, 'Hello Hi'.

Having had massive success with remix work for chart toppers including Ed Sheeran, True Tiger, took it upon themselves to serve up their sonically flavoured beats to the MC with one of the biggest lyrical appetite, Big Narstie.

How did this collaboration come about? BN: True Tiger have been in the game for long, always used to see each other, have a smoking session just talk about life. I said we need to get in the studio, they were on tour and they said as soon as we get off tour we'll get in the studio, I thought man was gonna blow me out! But no, I WAS In my front room in my underpants, he set me over an idea saying "Tell me what you think" I was like yes, Base! I sent phoned him back with the hook already made!

TT: That was Barracuda, the first track we started on. Barracuda got first played on Logan's (DJ Logan, KISS FM) show.

That's how the EP started, we played him a couple other ideas and within 2 days we had 3 tracks down! Are you aiming to win each others fans as you both have different core fans by this collaboration?BN: I disagree, True Tiger are known for Dubstep, commercial music but also Grime, and hard, dark deep dirty bass.

Im a Grime artist that don't conform. They basically gave me something that's deep and dark with enough charisma that my mum won't punch me in the face for! They've mastered the Grime sound.

The only difference between their (True Tiger) fans and mine is that theirs go Uni, mine are on the block! But mines on the block aspire to go Uni! So its all good!

Big Narstie, having had 'Head Gone" played on Radio1, 1xtra & KISS this project by far is your most commercial received body of work... TT: This is why we linked up. I saw him on Twitter saying yo supporters you need to tell your radio stations to play Big Narstie, so I told him to send over his last EP.

I'm sat there listening to his previous EP Don't F**k Up The Base thinking this is good, but we can do more! I felt we could do something different. His brought his flavour to our sound. We wanted to make sure with this EP to be fun, no pressure behind it.


What do you aim to achieve with this EP?BN: Just getting out there!.. this is the first time the masses of England is going to hear Grime in this format.

When people think of Grime music they think of people spitting 64 bars over an angry beat, not a song. These 3 songs are all me, There's not one of these songs your going to think and say 'Oh he was just trying to get a house with that song'!

People can tell when your being desperate. Desperate doesn't look sexy in any form! I'm going to have to stand there in front of thousands of people and perform it.

We're confident with the music we're making. You'll be performing live together across the UK what will you bring to your stage shows?

TT: Its gonna continue the theme of professional chaos. pretty wild shows not for the light hearted. its gonna be pretty in your face.

If your gonna be stand about just watching its probably not for you. I can't wait to get on the road. its gonna be a lot of fun!

BN: When I'm in the hotel room I'm gonna rip the sink off the wall! I am the Black Noel Gallagher, they're gonna respect what I've got to bring to the table!

For upcoming tour/release dates follow the gang on twitter @BigNarstie and @TrueTiger.