20/11/2012 14:25 GMT | Updated 19/01/2013 10:12 GMT

TV Theme Tunes That Were Better Than Their Show

Lets be honest, sometimes foreplay is more enjoyable than the sex! The 5-10mins of it in some cases make for the best part of the full 45mins (adjust time according to your stamina) of doing the do!

Same goes for TV theme tunes! The guitar riff intro to 80's detective series Magnum PI, starring Tom Selleck (which was sampled by New York rap artist Cam'ron) enticed you into thinking it was an A-Team style action packed bonanza. It wasn't. Not really anyway. That minute or so intro of Aussie series Home & Away, is probably the best duet to come out of Australia since Kylie & Jason's 'smash single Especially for you'. As long lasting as Home & Away is, the show takes 2nd place to the theme tune.

We have, however, had many exceptions to this blog title, 'I'll be There For You' by The Rembrandts from one of the most watched TV shows worldwide, Friends, was released as a single in 1997 and only managed a top 20 music chart position in UK & the US.

However The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme tune organically became so popular it slyly started to feature in many club DJ's playlist!

My all-time favourite TV theme tunes while growing up, which I can't see being topped, is a cross between Jimi Davidson's 'I'll Be Ready' for internationally popular series Baywatch and 90's Mr. make-explosives-from-sand, MacGuyver

I've put together my personal 5 favourite theme tunes from television shows, which I feel, didn't live up to the same expectation as their 30 second intro!