15/05/2014 11:43 BST | Updated 15/07/2014 06:59 BST

Expanding the Digital Toolkit

The opportunities for brands to interact with consumers through advertising are evolving rapidly. No longer are they constrained by traditional methods such as banner ads and billboards, which have traditionally dictated advertising. The shift to digital now enables them to engage with consumers on a much deeper, intimate level, and connect with them on the channels and platforms they know and love, i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop and now wearable's, with already eight million wearable technology users in the UK.

Like a kid in a sweet shop, brands have the ability to pick and mix ads which consumers will not only respond to, but enjoy and share.

Research has proven that consumers have a much more enjoyable experience with high impact ads - large canvas display units such as full-screen takeovers - than the standard display ad, despite being more interruptive to the consumer browsing experience.

These ads elicit more brand recall, recognition and buying behaviour; they're 78 per cent more likely to make consumers want to learn about the product (how ever invasive they may seem) and 90 per cent more likely to make consumers talk about them and share via social media. This is ground-breaking, since the traditional approach has been to steer clear of big, loud and interruptive ads. But in today's world, in order to unlock the true potential of a digital ad campaign, brand advertisers must think big, loud and interruptive.

While many marketers and brand advertisers have started to embrace this philosophy in their advertising campaigns, by either incorporating rich media ad formats or delivering campaigns across multi-platforms, some have taken it that one step further.

Take BMW and UGG Australia. Both luxury brands have demonstrated the ability to take consumers on a journey of innovation, indulgence and luxury through their high impact ad campaigns driving greater engagement, brand recognition and brand loyalty.

By embracing high impact ads to create stand out customer experiences, they are not only endorsing a product, but also a brand lifestyle; encouraging consumers to 'buy into the brand'.

In the digital driving seat

BMW puts creativity and innovation at the core of its business and continues to find new and engaging ways to talk to its audience. In the past year it has created a number of standout campaigns, two of which have put social media and audience participation at the forefront.

Its 2 Series Coupé and 4 Series Gran Coupé campaigns both demonstrate several industry-firsts. The 2 Series Coupé included an interactive driving experience that allowed consumers to participate in a virtual lap via Facebook and mobile. The 4 Series Gran Coupé campaign similarly featured a swathe of digital components, including interactive and responsive web banner ads with rich functionality, and incorporated the manufacturer's #Un4gettable Twitter campaign.

By fusing its digital advertising with gaming and social media, BMW put potential users at the heart of the experience and took them on a journey of luxury, innovation and excellence.

Similarly, UGG Australia is another pioneer that has built a reputation on luxury and lifestyle. Recognised as a premium lifestyle brand, not just a footwear company, the brand pushes the boundaries in innovative fashion, comfort and craftsmanship.

When it comes to marketing and advertising the brand continues to excel in new and innovative means. By embracing channels such as social media and mobile, it has provided consumers with the same ultimate brand experience, beyond its renowned concept shop floors.

Last year it created two stand out campaigns: 'Feels Like Nothing Else' and 'For Role Models' that were brought to life by social media and digital advertising. The digital ad campaign which comprised of rich media and interactive ad formats ran across print, mobile tablet and PC, and drawing on its 2.3m Facebook followers and growing Twitter audience, was a huge success across social media.

Making that consumer connection

Tired, irritated and bored of the traditional banner ads that have dominated the advertising industry, marketers and brand advertisers have had to step up their game in terms of creating engaging digital content that captures the attention of today's digital-savvy consumer.

By using a plethora of digital tools, both BMW and UGG Australia have continued to create memorable campaigns that connect with consumers and invoke strong and positive reactions, positioning themselves as luxury lifestyle brands.

By associating an air of luxury and generating high impact premium content, brands are able to take their ads that one step further and sell a lifestyle which captures consumers' emotions and hearts. The key is to embrace new ad formats with rich media and interactive functionality that pushes beyond the click, leading to interactions and engagement. Premium will soon be the only way to cut through the digital white noise that many brands are crying out for.