29/01/2013 11:18 GMT | Updated 29/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Five Fundamentals of a Good Facial Treatment

A facial treatment can have so many benefits when done properly. If you've never been for one before and don't know what to look out for, the advice in this article will be useful.

So what are the five fundamentals of a good facial treatment?

• Individual focus

When you call or email a therapist to enquire about a facial treatment you should be made to feel like an individual. Some beauty salons simply offer packaged facials that suit them rather than each of their customers.

Being asked lots of questions about your skin type, tone, any allergies and whether you've had any facial treatments before are a good indicator you're dealing with a professional.

• Product selection

A salon's choice of product ranges is another important aspect of facials. Like most things in life you get what you pay for. A very cheap facial treatment is unlikely to use top of the range products as it just doesn't make commercial sense.

Following on from the first point, the beauty therapist who's doing your facial should ask you about your skin before deciding on the best products to use on you.

• Tailoring your treatment

Just because you've booked a certain type of facial in advance doesn't mean your therapist has to stick rigidly to it. For example, if you booked an aromatherapy facial and your therapist thought your skin would benefit more from a different type, they should be professional enough to discuss this with you.

Some therapists don't have the experience or expertise to be able to adapt their range of treatments to individual clients. The end result is people getting a poor or average facial experience rather than a great one.

• Concentrating on other areas too

Depending on the beauty salon and therapist you choose, a facial can be so much more than just pampering the skin on your face. Many therapists will provide a neck and scalp massage during your facial treatment to deliver a better overall experience.

Any reputable beauty salon should have a website with details of exactly what each of their facial treatments involves. Some therapists go the extra mile and give their clients a shoulder, hand and arm massage while their mud pack or other facial products are working their magic.

• Relaxation

When you book in for a facial, you're investing in time for yourself. With this in mind your treatment should be relaxing from the moment you arrive until you leave the salon. Obviously being offered a scalp or shoulder massage as part of your facial treatment goes a long way to helping you chill out and really enjoy it.

If you're booking with a salon for the first time, it pays to check out their website for photos as well as looking online for reviews left by other clients.

Hopefully now you're better prepared and know what to expect from booking a facial treatment. Your facial treatment should be about what suits you best and not the preferences of the therapist or beauty salon.