08/11/2011 12:15 GMT | Updated 08/01/2012 05:12 GMT

HuffPost UK Welcomes AOL News Readers

On 6 July this year, HuffPost UK launched slap-bang in the middle of what seems like the busiest news summer in memory.

Hackgate, the London riots, Oslo, the eurozone crisis? Forget the holidays, summer 2011 will go down as the year journalists learned to survive without sleep, and TV crews covered more miles than ever before.

Thanks to our timely launch, HuffPost UK was there every step of the way, live-blogging our way through the action and bringing breaking news headlines to our ever-growing userbase.

Today, we're excited to welcome loyal readers of AOL UK News to The Huffington Post UK too, where you'll be able to read all the news stories you used to get with AOL News, but with a whole host of new features.

Founded in the US in 2005, The Huffington Post is America's most-read news website, and it's now expanding internationally with a UK version launching just weeks after the Canadian edition this year. On the horizon? Le Huffington Post in France and further European editions during 2012.

Back in the UK, we have a crack team of British editors and journalists (with a couple of Australians thrown in for good measure!), who've worked at the likes of the BBC, CNN, Daily Mail, Metro and Al-Jazeera, all committed to creating great stories for our UK readership.

Alongside general news, we cover politics, business, media, entertainment, tech, comedy and lifestyle, ensuring you get an instant snapshot of everything going on the world today, whatever your interests.

But we don't just want you to read our stories, we want to hear your side of the argument, too - whether that's in the comments section of our stories (made super-quick thanks to easy sign-ins with your Facebook, Twitter or AOL email account, and moderated to ensure a great conversation) or as a blogger.

Famous-name bloggers in the UK already include Tony Blair, Ricky Gervias, Ed Miliband, Alan McGee and Tamara Mellon, to name just a few - but you don't need a pass to the House of Commons to get your opinions heard. Simply email our blogs team at with your ideas and they will send you details on contributing.

Finally, we'd love to hear what you think of HuffPost UK so leave your comments below, or email me at

PS If you want to read the American version of the site, simply head to the top left-hand corner of the site, or the 'front page' button on the navigation - both of which provide you with dropdown options to visit both the US and Canadian sites.