Sunday Roundup

02/10/2011 01:10 BST | Updated 01/12/2011 10:12 GMT

One of my Twitter followers, @CallumJonesBlog, suggested that instead of writing my blog this week, I could possibly get away with. "Carla is away drinking Pimm's in the sun". Which, right now, sounds a rather fantastically brilliant idea.

However, at risk of being lynched by half the news team, who are tied to their laptops this weekend, record-breaking temperatures notwithstanding, I am putting the Pimm's on hold for a little while longer (but not that much longer, I assure you. If this takes more than half an hour to type, it will be finished drink in hand).

So, October's here and I will doing my very best not to blog about the weather (no wonder the rest of the world thinks we're weather fanatics, how can you not be when leather knee-high boots are the most appropriate August footwear, and today I'm running around barefoot in shorts and a vest).

No, instead I want to blog about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which kicked off yesterday and, if you're a woman, you probably identified by all the pale pink beauty products flooding the shelves of your local Boots, promising a percentage of profits to such-and-such a charity.

I'm not against these, why not shave your legs/powder your face/gloss your lips and lend some money to a well-meaning cause at the same time? It certainly beats being stopped in the rain (sorry, weather reference again) by one of the chuggers on Oxford Street.

However, has purchasing a pink ribbon actually prompted you to check your breasts? Or did it just make you feel good about the fact you were helping a worthy cause? Finding a cure for this widespread disease is an absolute must, and many of the charities who share top-billing during October do sterling, life-saving work in this area, but women must, must, must do their bit to help with early detection.

Last month, I spent some time with the inspirational founder of CoppaFeel!, Kris Hallenga, who at just 23 was diagnosed with breast cancer. Weeks after her diagnoses (and eight months after her first misdiagnoses, from a GP who thought at her age the lumps she could feel must just be 'hormonal'), Kris and her twin sister, Maren, set up CoppaFeel! to raise not just awareness about the disease, but to remind young women that they need to be breast-aware, too.

Kris has one message to her growing list of fans: "Go home and CoppaFeel!" It doesn't matter what age you are for that to be relevant. To be sure you don't forget, Kris invites you to name your breasts, and then text her team and they'll send you free SMS messages reminding you to check them regularly. If that wasn't reason enough, the best names get entered into the Boob Bible!

So, go out and buy the lipstick, the pink ribbon and the T-shirt, but before you put it on, have a good rummage underneath - Kris would be proud of you.

In the meantime, I'm off to pour myself that drink, and see if a glass or three of something cold and sparkly can't inspire two REALLY good names for my mammaries.