19/08/2012 07:20 BST | Updated 17/10/2012 06:12 BST

Live Review - Blur at BT London Live in Hyde Park for the Olympics Closing Ceremony

Throughout the Olympics Hyde Park has been a wonderful community, bringing together people from all over the world to get involved with the games, right in the heart of the capital.

Enormous screens showing every event possible became home to those who were not lucky enough to make it to East London's stadiums. Families, friends and tourists all came together to watch the UK hold one of our most successful games yet.

Big brands hosted VIP areas for their customers, whilst others laid down their blankets and bathed in the sun. Children queued up for The Cadbury's House where they got to learn just how chocolate is made and get involved in the hands on activities inside.

One thing that BT Live did perfectly was to bring sport and music together. It's main stage hosting medal winners alongside some of the biggest names in music. With the likes of Snow Patrol, Duran Duran, The Noisettes, Dot Rotten, Aiden Grimshaw and The Overtones, Hyde Park was the place to be.

With the games drawing to a close, the Queen's park hosted its biggest event yet. 80,000 people packed tightly together to watch the end of two wonderful weeks in the city. Emotional montages played out across the screens, showing just how brave and devoted our Olympians had been. A warm, friendly and uplifted atmosphere, the crowd with beaming smiles and a sense of community and positivity.

Queues for the bar an hour-long and friends lost in the masses no longer mattered as New Order & The Specials made a very happy crowd, standing by everything that it means to be British.

As the start of the closing ceremony rang out across the Park, the main stage turned Royal Blue and out stepped one of the UK's biggest musical icons.

Blur have had a brilliant year. Back to their best after performing at The Brits and now closing the end of the 2012 Olympics. Damon Albarn is a real musician, hopping between guitars, the piano and leading the band with his tight vocals. Opening with 'Girls & Boys' and playing classic tracks 'Parklife' and 'Tender' the crowd sang every word. Nostalgic moments and reminiscent memories mixed with wise words from the Blur front man. Realising that everyone has grown up together, lived through experiences and evolved as people since the first time their records were heard.

As the music died down, the lights lowered and Hyde Park became serene once more, the capital shone brightly. For two weeks London was the heart of world. A second home for so many and a chance for people to come together no matter who they were or where they came from. What a truly amazing event to be part of and a wonderful reflection of how incredible life can be when we put aside our differences. Maybe one day, this is what Peace will feel like.

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