02/08/2012 08:05 BST | Updated 01/10/2012 06:12 BST

Live Review - Plan B at The 100 Club for Converse 'Represent'

It's not very often that I am lost for words. Especially when it comes to watching an artist perform. Sometimes it can be tough to review a gig when it's mediocre or you feel the artist's heart isn't in it. Plan B hit the 100 Club as his album 'Ill Manors' had hit the number one spot. I have to say and I have been saying ever since that this is one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Enormous statement but every word of it is true.

The beginning of the night started with some of the scenes freshest talent. Kicking off the insanely, soon to be snapped up Jacob Banks, internationally known Yuna & legendary songwriter L Marshall, Plan B was in good company.

He owns the stage, means everything his sings about and individually touches every single person in the room. His band are incredible. This is a reflection of surrounding yourself with good people; they were on his level and totally had his back. All committed above and beyond to the songs, the performance and the big man himself.

Warming up the crowd FaithSFX took to the stage. His beat boxing skills are world class. Creating a deep grinding dubstep bass line that hyped the crowd and whipped up the atmosphere. You can feel it in your body when a show is going to go off and everyone knew it.

Plan B launched out into Converse's 100 Club knowing exactly what he was about to do. His performance took you on a journey. Starting with some of Strickland Banks finest anthems he mashed up classic tracks blended with FaithSFX's back on the mic with destroying bass lines and heart jumping drops. Plan B went in.

The crowd loved it, loved him and hung on his every word. His sultry stage demeanor draws you into his world. A troubled past spoken with brutal honesty and positivity towards what you can create of your future. His music seeps with emotion of how hard things can be, acknowledging the reasons why, but with lyrics offering a way out.

As the crowd jumped, mosh pits started and a jam-packed club became filled with sweaty gleaming faces. Plan B finished on a tremendous high. Sharing the 'Represent' bill with the likes of Blur, Nas and Paul Weller Converse's immaculately organised series has done what it set out to do, leaving a huge mark on British music.

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