01/02/2013 07:44 GMT | Updated 02/04/2013 06:12 BST

Live Review - Mikill Pane at the Sebright Arms

Pane is a man's man. He's on a level. A tattooed and bearded dope chef that speaks to guys deeper than any lads mag.

Mikill Pane is a Poet. A modern day effortlessly frank and twisted laureate. Bringing a refreshing and unique sound to the UK scene, he hypnotises crowds that are left mesmerised by his quick witted lyrics and testosterone charged charm. Before you know it you are grabbing your mate in a headlock and screaming the words to his chorus (you have never heard until now) at the top of your voice. Take a sip of your cider and you've missed the punch line. Pane is a man's man. He's on a level. A tattooed and bearded dope chef that speaks to guys deeper than any lads mag.

Packed into the Sebright Arms, most of the crowd know every word to his tracks. Die hard middle finger pointing fans at the front and music industry suits stuffed away at the back. Having been grown from the same potting shed as Ed Sheeran, Pane is an act that rarely breaks through the scene. His underground roots being given the right surroundings to grow and be recognised by the people that matter. Filling a shape that no one before him has fitted. The industry has questioned him but he has created his own lane. A box that no one else fits in. One thing about having to prove a point is that success tastes even sweeter when things work out and it seems that Pane is charging ful steam ahead.

When Huw Stephens has got your back, you know that things are not only genuine but authentic. His set is quick, humourously sweaty and gives you barely enough time to take a breath. His flow is meandering and his swag uniquely calm.

Hitting us with tracks that he is set to release very soon, the gig looked like this:

Andy Warhol

Dirty Rider

The Craig Bang

Summer in the City

I Can Feel It

Good Feeling

Make Us Say

Chairman of the Bored

The Return of Mister Pane


Somebody that I used to Know

Hey Baby

With Jake Gosling in the building and heads from Universal thrown in amongst some of Pane's most loyal fans, the gig pushed boundaries on every level. With his feet firmly in the door at Mercury Records, let's hope that 2013 heads in the same direction of the other artists who have preceded him.