17/03/2013 07:10 GMT | Updated 16/05/2013 06:12 BST

My SXSW Diary - Austin, Texas - Day Three


Three hours sleep and back up and at it. Something about the music industry gives you the ability to find energy even when you're running on empty. Reminiscing about the night before always makes you realise just how magical some of your experiences can be. Off to film a session with Bobby Long in the park where turtles chill out in the lake below.

With a call scheduled in with the drive time show on Rinse FM, I headed to find a phone. I believe in destiny and synchronicity. Austin is a big place and there are thousands of people from all over the world. Bumping in to fellow Rinse presenter Lily Mercer was too much of a coincidence. Queue us both jumping on the phone to Julie Adenuga and discussing our antics on air.

Being signed to Skrillex's label is a big deal. After watching UK dance music new kids Monsta last night, I was excited to catch up with them and put the world to rights. Eating fully loaded Tacos and drinking Margaritas in the sun was possibly the best way to spend the afternoon. Finding out that a year ago Skrillex's manager played their track 'Holdin' On' to him at SXSW and how in just twelve months they had just supported Swedish House Mafia in LA. Rocky, Rufio and Scar are a unit, a well crafted team that all work beautifully amongst dance musics work hard, play hard family.


With Viceland heading up one of the best parties in the city, Major Lazer and Snoop Lion played back to back. With the backing of Vice and their recent track together, it only seemed fitting. Major Lazer always destroys it live. His renowned twerking antics tamed down for the more subdued SXSW crowd.


There are no words for seeing Snoop live. I managed to squeeze my way in to the press pit. He was late on stage, obviously. The bipolar crowd shouting his name one second and then booing the next. His film 'Reincarnated' playing out across the screen at the back of the stage as 'The Lion' appeared. With the biggest grin on his face, timeless charisma and performance wisdom, Snoop is a true legend.

As he mixed his classic Snoop Dogg anthems with his more current Snoop Lion material he threw in Bob Marley and House of Pain as guaranteed crowd pleasers. The crowd engrossed, wide eyed and totally high. A cloud of green smoke encouraged by the main main hovered about the crowd. One of my highlights and stand out moments of SXSW so far. Whatever his name it really doesn't matter, he's an icon and one of hip hops greatest ever.