03/03/2015 09:48 GMT | Updated 02/05/2015 06:59 BST

The Secret Formula to Success

Do you want to know the tried and tested secret formula to success? Are you ready to be blown away with the secret that only successful people know? If so, sit tight and read on because I am about to reveal to you what this secret is.

The secret is... there is no secret. Sorry if I have disappointed you. Sorry if you were expecting a 5 step magic formula or a 7 stage roadmap to instant success. That's right, the secret formula to success is that there is no secret. In fact it is well documented and evidenced that in order to achieve success, you have to put in hard work and determination. Besides, success is very subjective and what is success to me might not be success to you.

Most people who are successful in their particular areas of expertise have not got to where they are overnight. What you see is the polished product and there has been a lot of polishing going on behind the scenes to get there.

There is no quick fix, there is no secret formula. And whilst there are ways to make the journey smoother for you and possibly quicker than if you did it alone, such as having the right support, coaching, mentoring, opportunities, connections etc, this is not a secret. So don't be fooled by all the messages you see offering you a quick fix to get there.

Unless you are prepared to put in the effort, prepared to work hard and have determination, chances are success will not come to you. Yes, you could win the lottery, yes, you could be an overnight sensation, but what is the reality of this happening?

Be prepared for the bad times as well as the good

The path to success is not an easy road and first of all you need to define what it looks like to you. Success to me may be very different to what it means to you. Be clear about what it is that you want and what you need to do to achieve it.

Be prepared to fail, be prepared to get knocked back, this is a fact of life. It may not be a smooth road to success for you, but if you do get knocked back, don't let that deter you. Don't dwell in the situation but find it within you to pick yourself back up and soldier on.

Most successful people have had some sort of knock backs at some stage in their life. It is reported that J.K. Rowling received many knock backs before finding someone who would publish Harry Potter; at the age of 22 Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job having been told she wasn't fit for TV; Lady Gaga was released from her contract with L A Reid's record label after just a few months because he didn't like her music. He is reported to have said that that was one of the worst decisions he has made.

Behind every successful person you will more than likely find a story of being knocked back at some stage in their journey.

Let your thoughts become your reality for the right reasons

Your thoughts become your reality and if you have negative, unhelpful thoughts, you will get negative, unhelpful outcomes. Examine your thoughts and your attitude. Do you have a can't do or a can do attitude? If you are a can't do kind of person, chances are you won't get the results you want, and can't will become your reality.

Whilst it is good to have a voice of reason, a sense check that keeps you grounded, don't let it take you too far the wrong way.

Keep your eye on the end result

If you have a clear vision about what it is that you want to achieve, keep your eyes fixed on it. That way in the event that you do get a knock back, because you are clear about what you want to achieve, it will be easier to get back on track.

And don't be afraid to do a complete detour if you find out that things are not working out. Rather than chasing after a lame duck, review and evaluate frequently so that you know that you are on the right path

Keep the motivation going

When the going gets tough, have something in place that keeps you motivated to keep going. This could be surrounding yourself with people who are also striving for similar aims and developing a good support network. It could be reading inspirational stories of those who have trod the path before you. It could be having a coach or a mentor.

Set yourself goals so that you have something well defined to aim for and can easily track your achievements, remembering to celebrate your success along the way.

There you go. The secret formula to success is that there is no secret formula. If you thought that you were going to discover some magic formula that would elevate you to success overnight, I am sorry to have disappointed you. You are going to have to work hard at it. But then again, you could always buy a lottery ticket...