02/02/2015 05:52 GMT | Updated 01/04/2015 06:59 BST

Five Reasons Why Women Don't Like Blowing Their Own Trumpet and Five Reasons Why They Should

As women, many of us love to put ourselves down. If we've been successful at something, we shy away from taking credit for it, attributing the success to everyone but ourselves or putting the success down to luck or coincidence.

Many women (myself included) don't like to blow their own trumpets, instead believing that their work should speak for its self. But in this age of increased 'noise', particularly on social media, is it necessary for women to blow their own trumpet or will they still get ahead in their field if they don't?

Below are 5 reasons why women don't like to blow their own trumpet, followed by 5 reasons why they should.

#1 You were told as a child it's not good to boast

This I find is probably the most common reason. Our culture and environment growing up help to shape who we are and input in to our belief system. If you were raised to believe that boasting and bragging were bad things, chances are, as an adult you will find it very uncomfortable.

#2 I'm not worthy of the accolade

As women, many of us love to put ourselves down. If we've been successful at something, we shy away from taking credit for it, attributing the success to everyone but ourselves or putting the success down to luck or coincidence.

#3 My work speaks for itself

I know that I am brilliant at what I do, so why should I have to tell other people? Surely the results speak for themselves.

#4 You shy away from attention

For some women, being in the spotlight with all eyes glaring on them is too much to bear. Suddenly you're the centre of attention, with everyone not just watching your every move, but also watching what you say, what you wear and waiting for you to trip up.

#5 I can't live up to peoples' expectations of me

Similar to points two and four except you believe that you will not be able to maintain that level of performance. You think that people will now place a high level of expectation on you that you will not be able to live up to, so you keep quiet about your successes.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, we are in the era of the selfie and all that goes with it. How are you going to stand out from the crowd and rise above all the noise if you don't let people know how amazing you are?

Blowing your own trumpet can come across as boasting or bragging rather than self promotion if done incorrectly. This can make you appear selfish, self centred and egotistical, making it all about me, me, me. But there are ways that you can self promote without bragging so that you showcase your talent and expertise, getting the credit that you deserve.

Here are five reasons why you should blow your own trumpet, or rather self promote and claim the recognition that you deserve for your hard work.

#1 If you don't do it, who will know about you?

You may have done some great work, you may have achieved fantastic results, but if people who you want to make an impression to are not aware of your achievements, why will they even consider doing business with you, promoting you or employing you?

I had a client who had achieved some great success in improving things in the organisation that she worked in. But because she didn't believe she was worthy of the accolade, at an interview she used words like we did this as opposed to I initiated this.

She did not get the job and the feedback was that she did not demonstrate her personal achievements.

#2 It is very noisy out there

There is a lot of noise with people competing for business, for that promotion and for that job. Self promotion is necessary if you want to be able to stand out from the noise and be seen.

#3 There will always be haters

It is a fact of life that not everybody is going to like you. Why worry that people will pick fault with you or be waiting for you to trip up if you know that you have done a good job and there is evidence of the results you get and the positive difference you make. Don't worry about the haters.

#4 If you want to get on in life it has to be done

If you want to get to the top of the game in your field, then it needs to be done. If you want more clients, if you want to smash through the glass ceiling, then self promotion, if done correctly will help you towards that aim.

#5 It can have far reaching results

If people are aware of your talents, your expertise and the amazing results that you achieve, they are more likely to tell others about you. They are more likely to recommend you even if they have never personally experienced what it is that you do.

Self promotion doesn't have to feel uncomfortable or feel like you are boasting if it is done appropriately. Taking the focus off yourself and making it about the results and the difference that has been made will not come across as egotistical. Instead of it coming across as someone who is selfish and all about me, me, me, it will come across as someone who people want to get to know.

What are your views on self promotion? What experiences (good or bad) have you had? I would love to hear your views so please share your comments below.