08/07/2015 12:45 BST | Updated 08/07/2016 06:59 BST

What TV Show 'Married at First Sight' Tells Us About Modern Dating

The fact that people are willing to marry a complete stranger gives a clear indication of what dating is really like in 2015 - a messy minefield!

Put simply, people would rather sign a legal document and spend their life with someone they've never even met than navigate the dating scene.

We might have more ways to date than ever before - endless dating apps, websites, quirky dating events etc. but it would seem it's harder than ever to find someone you actually want to spend quality time with - let alone spend your life with!

The show 'Married at First Sight' has been a hit in the US and Australia but hasn't escaped controversy. One of the new brides in the US has taken out a restraining order on her new husband after he reportedly threatened to kill her and her family. Love's young dream?

The show seems to insinuate there is a magic formula

A formula based in dna that will determine compatability of a match. The truth is, as a matchmaker I know there is no such magic formula, if there were there would be plenty of billionaire matchmakers around and everyone would be in love!

A solid and happy relationship is based on shared values, trust, a mutual respect and the ability to have fun together. Of course physical attraction plays a key part in that too. Then there's the big thing, the one that nobody really knows much about - chemistry.

Before you know if these things are present, you need to spend time with someone, get to know them, share experiences. Anyone can write on paper they are 'fun' (who isn't?) but it's hugely subjective. There is no substitute to getting to know someone first hand.

'Married at First Sight' is effectively a modern day arranged marriage

Nothing new here in many cultures. Except for the fact in other cultures the matchmaker is often family, a professional in matchmaking or they are well known to the bride/groom. In this show the matchmakers are university psychologists, anthropologist's....and a vicar! So we have strangers, picking strangers who will marry another stranger. Right. Has Channel 4 gone too far? More importantly, has the world gone utterly bonkers?

I'm all for taking a realistic approach to marriage but this is taking it to the extreme. Jumping into marriage for an experiment is a recipe for disaster. But then at the other end of the scale isn't waiting for the perfect person, and the perfect relationship at the perfect time equally as unrealistic for success? Where's the middle ground? It's likely both extremes will end up unhappy.

I find it genuinely sad these professionals, at the young age of 31and 33, (Emma and James, the first couple, on the show), feel their only option to meet someone to spend their life with is to marry a stranger. That emotionally they are in such a place, they will do anything not to be alone.

I genuinely hope it works out for these couples, for their sake.