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A Love Letter From LA To London In The Face Of Terror Attacks

IakovKalinin via Getty Images

I may be living 5000 miles away now from London but I still feel it's part of my family - part of the fabric of who I am. Je suis London, indeed. So the attack on Westminster last week felt incredibly personal. I sat in shock, on the West Coast of America, weeping for those killed and injured.

The feeling of homesickness was overwhelming, I wanted to be in London now more than ever. Despite the intentions of that terrorist, I wanted to run TO London, not away.

Nothing makes me want to go to London more - to stand shoulder to shoulder in unity for all that makes it the greatest city on earth - and that's the people. Londoners went through the Blitz, the IRA, 7/7, these brainwashed evil idiots now... and always retained their dignity and sense of inclusion and peace.

I've walked across that bridge thousands of times. Could have been me. Could have been you. We are all just getting through life on a series of lucky or unlucky choices. Timings. Where you are born. Which route you took to work today. Did you just miss the bus? That's all it takes.

Our emergency services are amazing. Thank you to them, and the others who run TO a scene like this.

Then I heard fellow Londoner-in-LA James Corden, on late night US TV, describing the exact same feeling I was having. So too said Adele, as she was on tour in Australia - saying she just wanted to go home.

My sense of pride in London and all that she is and stands for is greater than ever. While Trump was trying to destroy healthcare for all in the United States, I watched a British politician getting covered in blood trying to save the life of a police officer who had been stabbed, with his own hands.

The US seems more and more like the guy who starts a bar brawl when someone spills his beer. The UK is the guy who just refills his glass and enjoys a cold beer.

I'm so proud to be a Londoner (albeit I'm soft and like sunshine atm)... and nothing and NO ONE is going to make me base my choices on fear.

I believe the only way to vanquish darkness is with LIGHT, and the only way to beat hate is with love. Be strong, London - we are all with you - and cheers - I bloody love you.

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