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You Know You're a Teacher When...

Are you a teacher? Bet at least a handful of the following apply to you then!

Are you a teacher? Bet at least a handful of the following apply to you then!

1) You scowl at children and have to bite your lip in supermarkets and on public transport

2) You regularly say 'what am I about to ask you to do?'

3) Your new year starts in September

4) You have Googled 'intravenous caffeine supply' more than once

5) Shirts that are not tucked in get your heckles up, in a disproportionate way

6) You spend a fortnight of your six-week 'holiday' wondering if you will still be able to do the job when you go back

7) You are convinced those Belvita biscuits were designed with you in mind. Healthy breakfasts on the go!

8) You have accidentally tried to 'pinky swear' the man in the bank or newsagent

9) You dream about assembly or putting your spouse in detention for being late

10) You refer to your class as your kids, so people think you have thirty children of your own

11) You work your social life around the school holiday

12) You make your family put their fingers on their lips for a bit of peace and quiet

13) You won't throw away rubbish, in case you can use it for a project

14) You are excited about doing a new display for your classroom at the beginning of term

15) You automatically go over to 'have a word' with unruly children - then remember you're not at school and their parents are right there!

16) You have a baby for a nine-month break

17) You wake up at 4am with a brilliant idea for a lesson

18) You speak to your partner in your teacher voice when you want something to get done

19) You hide behind stuff in Asda to avoid X or Y from Year 10

20) You go so over the top whenever anyone, of any age, does anything really well

21) You possess as many mugs as John Lewis' entire crockery stash