The Full Body Energetic Orgasm: Revolutionise Your Sex Life

An energetic orgasm is completely different than your traditional genital orgasm. It involves much more than tension release or genital ejaculation and has very much to do with the movement of energy throughout the whole body.

The Full Body Energetic Orgasm is revolutionising the sex lives of men and women across the UK. Sexual Shamanic Practitioner and Empowerment Coach Catherine Hale reveals the secrets behind sexual empowerment, the full body orgasm and intense levels of bliss.

About 4 years ago I first experienced the Full Body Energetic Orgasm, my body shook and convulsed, I connected to deep pain and cried then broke into waves of pleasure rushing through my body: riding the wave of pure ecstasy! For the next few days my body felt electric, vibrant and radiating health and well-being. The profundity of this changed how I viewed my sexuality, what I perceived orgasm to be, and showed me the wisdom that sexual energy wasn't just for the bedroom but was actually the most powerful energy available for healing.

I made it my mission to explore the power of sexual energy for healing my own body, discovering the ever more subtle nuances of energetic orgasm. I now share this healing practice with my clients in 1:1 sessions and in workshops both in the UK and overseas.

I start by teaching the concept everything is made of energy. Quantum physicists have been exploring this idea and realised what we perceive to be solid objects, such as the chair you may be sitting on or the computer you are reading this article on, are in fact comprised of atoms which are vortices of spinning energy constantly vibrating and radiating their own signature. Meaning that energy is moving through our bodies all the time creating our emotional, physical, and perceptual experiences and if we change the energy we can change the resultant state of our bodies.

Once people realise this I see a radical shift in their beliefs and attitudes towards sexuality.

What is an Energetic Full Body Orgasm?

Most people believe they can only experience an orgasm in the genitals, but there's much more to be explored and discovered. Providing there is enough energy, we can experience an orgasm in any part of the body.

When the whole body is engaged its called a full body energetic orgasm.

An energetic orgasm is completely different than your traditional genital orgasm. It involves much more than tension release or genital ejaculation and has very much to do with the movement of energy throughout the whole body. Surprisingly this can be achieved without using touch or taking any clothes off.

In the 'normal' approach of "friction-based sexuality", or what we usually refer to as sex, we seem to want to get rid of our sexual energy, through ejaculation or tension release orgasm.

In a full body orgasm session, the energy is encouraged to move through the body, instead of directing it out of the body through our sexual organs. So we can experience an orgasm in the heart or in the belly. Watch my video demonstration of this healing technique!

How Does it Feel Different From a Genital Orgasm?

Drawing the sexual energy upwards, and rerouting and expanding the sexual energy from the genital area, you will begin to feel the energy pulsate throughout your body. If there is pain or stagnant energy (blockages) residing within your body, you may feel this arise as an emotion that is looking for expression. You may feel emotions of anger, sadness or guilt as this energy passes through you. Once expressed and released, you can then expect to feel increased pleasure surge throughout your body. This can go on for hours, unlike a genital orgasm which often lasts seconds.

Anyone who has experienced a full body orgasm this will report a feeling of liberation, aliveness and emotional freedom.

Removing Blockages & Old Emotions (including Trauma)

For most people, the energy from the genitals connects with energetic blockages in the body, and it is used to clear whatever blockages arise in those areas.

What generally arises for people in the first few sessions are the emotions associated with their sexual conditioning, such as guilt, shame and fear, as well as the emotional stories of their life. It's because of these blockages, that it is rare that somebody goes straight into a full body orgasm on the first try.

What we are looking is the state where energy moves freely, from the genitals to the crown. For most people, there is a journey to get there, and this is a journey through those blockages.

I've worked with women who have suffered from sexual abuse, and sex workers who have said yes to healing and new life decisions. I emphasise if we view sexual energy as healing energy, we can open up to very deep healing and transformation.

After doing the energetic orgasm workshop I have gained the ability to feel again. I have never been connected with my heart and now I feel amazing: open energised, excited and alive!~Henriette

Say Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction

The average love making session lasts approximately ten minutes and one in ten men in the world are thought to suffer from erectile dysfunction, which usually goes hand in hand with a second problem - performance anxiety. If this is a psychological problem, it can be conquered. The full body energetic orgasm teaches men how to get out of their minds and into their bodies.

During this process, erections are lost and regained over and over again thus working directly with the fear (the root cause of the problem) and wishing it well on its exit through the body. Even if it's a physical problem then men can learn to have and enjoy really yummy sex lives! By running your sexual energy and spreading it throughout the body, men can experience orgasmic energy even without an erection.

And Hello to Multiple Orgasms!

Men and Women can enjoy multiple orgasms, over and over again. Women in long-term relationships reclaim their sex lives and men who are open to Tantric practices find that they are able to remain aroused for hours. The goal is not the orgasm. It is a deep letting go and total surrender to the person with whom you share the space. It is an experience that will strengthen your inner peace, strength and self-confidence, as well as revolutionising your understanding of sex as it is commonly known today.

All hail the energetic full body orgasm.