10/06/2016 07:36 BST | Updated 10/06/2017 06:12 BST

Top Five Apps to Live and Breathe Euro 2016

Euro 2016 kicks off tomorrow and a flurry of free applications have launched for the occasion.

They cater to all your needs: the latest Three Lions' news, chat with supporters from around the world or play with your friends - you can do just about anything from your smartphone or tablet.

Here's a handful of the best apps to download for the full Euro experience.

1. UEFA Euro 2016

The official app for Euro 2016. Ergonomic and well thought-out, this will keep you abreast of the competition's latest news thanks to their useful alerts. You can check rankings and all related information from the different groups.

In the section 'Players' there's a chart ranking the star players and telling you - at every moment - who is the best player in the Euro. The tab 'Matches' displays the meets to come and there are several videos: training, interviews, goals and highlights of the latest matches.

So you're not flooded with alerts, tailor your settings when you first open the app and choose your favourite players. However, you can only create alerts for one team... an option which bothers several users and is supposedly to be changed before 10th June.

Available for iOS and Android

2. BBC Sport - Euro 2016

Want to watch all the games wherever you are? Of course you do, and BBC Sports' app is here to help. Catch all Euro 2016 matches on the move or see the highlights on demand later on. To boot, you can create a personalised 'My Sports' page - a hub where you can find all the results, fixtures and stories from your favourite teams. It's possible to set up alerts for each and every team in Euro 2016; which means you'll be the first to know England news, mere moments after it happens.

Available for iiOS and Android

3. Match Clash

Available online without downloading, Match Clash is a free prediction game. Like a personal bookmaker, consult the official odds and bet on real matches. For each meet, all you need to do is choose whether team 1 will win, if both sides will draw or whether team 2 will win. There's no money involved but you can revel in gaining points and soaring in the ranking of the best predictors in Europe. It's also possible to create a mini league to play with your friends and compare scores.

A great way to add suspence to the competition, and play without losing face (or money)! The official app is still being developed and should be live for the beginning of the Euro. Until then, you can play Match Clash online, via mobile or desktop.

4. MatchTalks

Interactive app MatchTalks connects all players to the same match, creating a giant chat forum. Each user can react in real time and chat with other supporters. As well as results, there are two options available: chat and notes. Like a forum, the "Discussion" tab allows you to ask and reply to questions.

Participate in live polls: Did Hodgson make the right replacement? Should Rooney be man of the match? The last tab allow you make notes about players and teams. Pop-ups sent during the meet answer questions asked and ongoing debates: up to you if you want to reply or stay a spectator...

Also, we should warn you, the presence or (lack of) a chat moderator isn't that precise...

Available for iOS and Android

5. UEFA Euro 2016 Fantasy

Fantasy football is a virtual game where you play the role of trainer. It's up to you to decide how to build your team with the best components and to bring them to victory. You've also got a virtual budget at your fingertips to buy the best players.

Once you've decided the basics, you're free to exchange and resell on the transfer market. Your team will face other trainers and bring you points when you win. You can invite you friends directly from the app to play with you.

Player profiles are updated daily, corresponding to their actual performances on the field. Check the statistics to choose the best and bring home the trophy as a coach!

Available for iOS and Android

This is an unsponsored article, the author has no ties to any of the proposed applications.