For the Love of Skiing

It is a well-known fact that people are often brought together by the love of a particular sport, and skiing is no exception. Having hobbies in common is one of the things that can cement a relationship, make it grow, and make it stronger.

It is a well-known fact that people are often brought together by the love of a particular sport, and skiing is no exception. Having hobbies in common is one of the things that can cement a relationship, make it grow, and make it stronger.

With the spell binding beauty of the snow-capped mountains, and the cosy nights by the log fire, ski resorts are by their very nature, romantic places to be...

When Helen and Peter met in Courmayeur three years ago, they both knew very quickly that this was not just your average holiday romance. They were both staying in The Chalethotel Cristallo on a Mark Warner "adults only" week, where the emphasis was on having a thoroughly good time.

With its inviting sun terraces, exquisite food and smart boutiques along the Via Roma, Courmayeur does indeed provide an exceptionally beautiful setting for a potential romance to blossom.

"The defining moment for me," said Helen "was when I realised during a gondola ride that Peter had spare capacity for all of my stuff in his rucksack!" "Marvellous," she thought, "what a useful chap to know." When Peter apologised, after accidentally sitting on Helen's hand during the same gondola ride, he was equally encouraged when Helen declared that this was not a problem.

Later that day, Peter persuaded Helen to follow him down a black mogul field, which being of a slightly nervous disposition when it comes to skiing, is something that Helen had never done before and has never done since. Helen knew that she must be smitten, when in spite of the fact that she fell over numerous times, she found herself enjoying the experience purely because it gave Peter the opportunity to demonstrate his finest "he-man" skills in helping her up.

Even though Helen and Peter lived hundreds of miles apart at opposite ends of the UK, they both knew that once they had returned from Courmayeur they would be seeing each other again at the very first opportunity. Helped by the fact that they both lived within 30 minutes of an airport, they became Flybe's best customers for a while.

Helen and Peter think it is simply fantastic that their mutual love of skiing brought them together and Courmayeur will always hold a special place in their hearts.

"I am thrilled that I met Peter in Courmayeur. He is the most wonderful man, and we are both so lucky."

Reader, I am happy to report that on 3 Nov 2012, she married him.

Tiffany and Patrick had talked about marriage, but Tiffany was completely taken by surprise when Patrick eventually popped the question in the Swiss resort of Verbier. Looking back, Tiffany should have realised that it was a little strange when Patrick, an incredibly keen skier, suggested that they should go for a walk, on what was a perfect day for skiing! "I guess I should have been suspicious at that point, but I honestly didn't have a clue what was about to happen!"

Verbier was the perfect place for Patrick to propose because it was here where the couple first met four years earlier when Tiffany was working for a magazine in the resort, and Patrick was on a work trip.

Tiffany and Patrick now have an apartment in Verbier and visit the resort whenever they can. "We go there every year for our proposal anniversary, and once we have kids we fully intend on taking them there to learn how to ski," said Tiffany.

" Verbier is the most romantic ski resort! All of the most romantic things that have happened in my life happened there - it's where Patrick and I met, got engaged and now have a home."

Tiffany was so inspired by Patrick's proposal that she went on to establish The Proposers which is a "bespoke proposal planning" service. " I had become a bit obsessed with proposals before Patrick actually proposed, and would spend hours watching proposal video's on line. When Patrick proposed, I talked to him after about how he had planned it and he mentioned that he had been a nervous wreck and wished he could have had some professional help! That's when the original idea hit!"

Since the summer of 2012, Tiffany and her business partner Daisy have perfectly planned nearly 200 proposals and have a 100 per cent record when it comes to saying "yes". The Proposers is currently featured in a fly on the wall documentary on Lifetime, Sky 156/Virgin 242.

It would appear that a ski resort might just be the perfect place to meet the love of your life, propose to the love of your life, and even marry the love of your life...

This stunning couple was so keen to marry in a ski resort, that in December of last year they flew all the way from Western Australia to the French resort of Les Gets to say, "I do"!

Photo Credits: Clare Meaney, Tiffany Wright, Peter Green and Robbie@ Apres Imaging