25/06/2013 07:27 BST | Updated 24/08/2013 06:12 BST

Are You 'Edgy' Enough?

Let's face it, us humans all want to appear cool and different, and the new modern slang for this is called 'edgy'. Most people have a certain interpretation for the word 'edgy' and this is mainly associated with the creative types. Statements such as fashion and accessories play a major role in promoting the edgy individual.

If you want to witness an edgy experience, creative events and launches are hubs for these edgy people. Think fashion meets art and music. Creative types thrive on these places as you witness the most unforgettable visions. One in particular was the Maison Kitsune launch party for Kitsune's second Soleil mix at The BlueBird on the 22nd June 2013. The shop was bustling with life as people sipped on freshly squeezed ginger and mint cocktails, mingled, and danced to the Kitsune playlist. What made the venue cool and quirky was a collaged Kitsune wall were you could take a pen and scribble what you wanted.



The dress code was clearly ANYTHING GOES. A man walks in wearing a smart dark blue pressed suit. He is tall and elegant and his hair is neatly gelled and scraped back tight. The man has clearly made an effort in looking extremely presentable until you notice his shoes. He is wearing slippers. Now correct me if I am wrong, but for me, and anyone else I would hope, walking out of my house still in my slippers would be my worst nightmare and very embarrassing! Imagine turning up to work wearing your suit and then realising you still had your slippers on, this would be so awkward. However, maybe this look is edgy? Or is it a fashion statement?

In the corner of the room you notice a man who looks as if he is about to climb Mount Everest. He wears a woolly hat accompanied by a fleece and some ankle swinger jeans. Sexy. His socks are multi-coloured and he also has some hiking boots on. I am not sure if this party was themed 'hiking gear only', but this man clearly thought that this was the dress code, or yet again maybe this look is edgy?

Moreover, I know the Fire Station is nearby The Shop at Bluebird, but I was not aware the firemen were invited! Suited and booted, several people were wearing the full on, all in one blue outfits accompanied by luminous white stripes. Of course their trousers were also angle swingers! It seems this trend of showing of your socks is clearly a very edgy statement. As you look down, you notice nearly every male and female has his or her socks on show.



Additionally, it seems that to look edgy, one has to have a specific hairstyle, and this is typical for the man. The hairstyle involves having longer hair on top and shorter at the sides. The middle long section of hair can be greased back, or gelled up into some odd shape, which of course can appear extremely edgy. Nearly every man at the event has this hairstyle unless they had by choice sported, the hiker woolly hat look.


Another fashion statement that seems to accompany the edgy hair is glasses. Nowadays people tend to wear glasses just to look cool and edgy. I am not talking about the thin-rimmed looking frames; I am talking about the geek chic look. This involves ridiculous thick black frames. These glasses are now so big they nearly take over half your face! Most people at this event had glasses on but guess what? Half of them probably did not even need them, but they look cool right, because it is edgy.

To conclude, it seems there must have been a private invite that I did not receive. Maybe it said, 'A prize for who can dress the edgiest'. The competition was fierce, and I for one know, I certainly would have not been in the top three!