04/10/2013 09:00 BST | Updated 03/12/2013 05:12 GMT


PLEASE, I don't want to leave the house! It is one of those mornings when your hair is static, your eyebrow hairs are pointing in different directions, and your eyes are congealed together with sleep juice. Just nothing is working for you! Wouldn't it be great to wake up and throw on an all in one body suit? Post Pop and Conceptual artist Pandemonia, has the answer.


Own photography

I came across the extraordinary superficial latex doll creature, known as 'Pandemonia', at Buka Cellar 164, for the exclusive private view of work by Gavin Turk. The event showcased a selection of artworks by the former young British artist, Gavin Turk, as well as other associated artists from his charity. 'The house of Fairy Tales'. DJ sets included, Model and DJ Amber Le Bon and Jack Guinness who kept the crowds entertained.

The room was filled with those arty farty people. You know the sort! They have those wacky hairstyles and the over sized tortoiseshell glasses. Others wear, what I would like to call, 'The confusing look'. These types are suited and booted in formal gear, however they decide to rough up their look with some casual trainers. Extremely- awkward.

But 7ft tall inflatable head-to-toe latex doll, Pandemonia was difficult to miss. I was not sure where to look, and it was difficult to really accept and appreciate Pandemonia as a human being, as the SHE was more like an ideal. The SHE clearly found it hard to move, as Pandemonia's outfit was so tight I was surprised the SHE could breath in it! In fact, it is fair to say, she looked like a human colourful condom, of course a pretty one at that!


Own Photography

I was intrigued to find out why the leggy latex creature liked to keep this façade on the whole time. Standing on a step I managed to gain a bit of height so Pandemonia could speak to me. "I love social media, and I find that people want to follow me, as I am easily noticed, it is not difficult to spot me. I don't let anyone see me underneath the mask. This will just spoil it", says Pandemonia.

Could the idea of having an all-in-one body suit, maybe not latex one, be appealing? Possibly on one of those days where you just can't be assed to bump into someone, maybe your next-door neighbour, of even an ex? Or would it just draw more attention to you? No one could see your wonky eyebrows; your panda black eyes from partying the night before, or your messy bed head hair. Could this be the solution to the modern day and world we live in? Or should we just embrace ourselves for who we are? I will leave this in your hands to debate about. All I know is, I am certainly one of those people who is never picture perfect, whatever the circumstances. But that is just it not?