05/10/2015 07:45 BST | Updated 03/10/2016 06:12 BST

The Swedish Way

Get me out of this rat race. London, an intoxicating city fuelled by excitement, buzz, and fear. But why have you chosen to live here? Is it the money, the social life, or could it be the sheer thrill of endless possibilities?

It is safe to say for that for the majority of us, all of these factors may be the reason we strive to live in the Big Smoke. But of course, there are downfalls to living London like any city. We have to take into account the pollution, the non-stop activity, and ultimately we can't forget the sheer volume of people.

Recently, after traveling only two hours and twenty minutes away by airplane, I found my country- my haven. SWEDEN. Now, forget stinking dustbin's, chewing gum stuck on street's, or for that matter; unattractive looking people, because you won't get any of this in Sweden!

Street life

As I walk the Södermalm Street district in Stockholm, I can't help but notice the crystal clear appearance of the pavements beneath me. The streets are almost so clean you could walk barefoot. I have to admit, this is certainly more pleasant that walking along most street's in London where the majority of times I find a spearmint shriveled up piece of chewing gum attached to my foot stuck to a half-smoked Camel cigarette - hmm yummy!


Sweden streets - Old town - Södermalm - (my photography)

As I breathe in, the air feel's pure and uncontaminated. This could be something to do with the fact Sweden itself is surrounded by a ton of water, but seriously, I would rather engulf uncorrupted air than a polluted stench of fumes.

Ken's and Barbie's

Now for the gorgeous Swedish beauties. I am sorry, but it has to be said and made clear that Swedish people have the Ken and Barbie look going on. You know, that deep ocean blue lens, so blue, they look like gemstones. Women have make-up free fresh faces, skin so tight, so fresh - like a baby's bottom. And as for hair, most men and women have that goldilocks golden hair. Aside for their ridiculous looks, their outfits aren't bad either. For some reason, they seem to just get it right. Clean-cut outfit's, all tailored, fitted, and the women wouldn't be seen in a short skirt! There is a certain air of elegance; sophistication and almost royalty amongst the Swedish clang -they look almost regal.

Wildlife escape


Island bound - Lidingö - (my photography)

Let's face it; in London we live pretty simple. Although we may try and think our lives are stressful and difficult, for the majority of us there are 4 aspects to our routine. One, we live in a flat or house, two we go to work by public transport or car, three we have a job, and four we have a partner. But, how about we lived on an island? And what if we had to take a boat to work? What if I told you the lakes froze and when it was below 0 degrees, you would have to walk over a frozen lake to work? All of this is common and very normal in parts of Sweden. Of course, this is obviously a certain way of life, but isn't this more exciting, could this been more thrilling and give you more of a buzz than being bombarded with people invading your space at Oxford Circus every morning at 8.30am?

As I stepped out onto the frosty dew on the island, I sipped my coffee, breathed in the fresh air, looked out onto the calm lake and thought to myself - this is my haven.