Top Five Things To Do in Bath

I set myself up a challenge this year, which is to try and visit more places in the UK. So far, I've only managed to visit Bath (although I've had a couple of trips to the big capital, there was little sightseeing).

I set myself up a challenge this year, which is to try and visit more places in the UK. So far, I've only managed to visit Bath (although I've had a couple of trips to the big capital, there was little sightseeing). England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are very beautiful, but the weather is unpredictable so I am hesitant to book a break in another city in the UK in case it rains cats and dogs. Also my plan was scarpered due to a trip to Marakesh and Milan, so just eventually getting to visit somewhere in the UK. Why Bath? Well Bath, located in the South West of England in the county of Somerset is known throughout the world due to it being a World Heritage Site, primarily due to the numerous roman ruins that are located throughout the city. Bath's also known for many other things such as stunning Georgian houses, Sally Lunns and Jane Austen. Taking a train ride for a little 2 hours, I spent one cloudy but not rainy Saturday in this picturesque city. It was very busy from tourists from around the world, but with a little planning you can make the most to of the day.

Roman Baths

World renowned and one of the most beautiful historical sites in Europe and rightly so. Open 09:30 - 17:00 (21:00 July/August) and costing £15.00 this is a site you can not miss. This place is heaving with tourists, but navigate your way though the crowd and marvel at the spectacular grounds. Make sure you also get a headset to fully immerse yourself in the history around the Roman Baths. Locating below street level there are four main features, the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and finds from Roman Bath. I was fascinated with the history of how the Baths were made and the running of the baths. My suggestion is to visit her first, I was here for almost two hours as I wanted to be fully informed of the history, oh and take lots of photos.

Bath Abbey

The church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bath, otherwise known as Bath Abbey is another architectural stunner. It's a beautiful gothic style grade 1 listed building. I'd recommend making a quick visit, to admire the beautiful windows, the high ceilings and magnificent pews. Entry is free although donations ware welcome. If you have enough time, sit in on one of their worship services.

Royal Crescent

Identified as one of the finest example of Georgian architecture in the UK, the royal crescent is simply beautiful. Made up of 30 or so houses, make sure you take a visit and take several photos by some of the most beautiful views in Bath. Number 1 Royal Crescent is home to a historical museum which showcases what a typical Georgian house was like for the wealthy. I really wanted to do this tour, but unfortunately I was 10 minutes late, which I was gutted. I did however see a glimpse of people in period costumes outside the house so was incredibly fascinated about what was indoors.

Take a boat trip around Bath

I love a boat trip and this with the hop on and hop off buses is one my favourite excursions to complete whilst away. I took a boat trip with Pulteney Princess which cost £9 for an hour boat trip. Unfortunately the skies were a little grey but I can imagine on a clear day, the views would be breathtaking. Also, I really enjoyed taking in the Bath countryside, watching many people using canoes on the River Avon. There are also some notable sites to see, including a medieval cattle market, the oldest building in Bath, Cleveland Bridge and Bathampton Down.

Sally Lunn

No city break for me would be complete without sampling a local delicacy. In Bath, it's a Sally Lunn. Located in a historical building (it's a theme in Bath). A baker fleeing in France developed the iconic generous brioche bun, now known as "Sally Lunn". There's a range of sweet and savoury bun dishes at the restaurant all with scrumptious toppings. As it was lunch time, my cousin and I ordered the Double Bacon and the Salt Beef. Why not try the traditional Sally Lunn Blend Tea, made up with Indian, Ceylon and African Teas.