18/09/2014 13:17 BST | Updated 18/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Moving Out - Are We Asking Too Much?

Daaaaad have you taken my moisturiser again?? That was genuinely what I shouted downstairs to my dad a few weeks ago after my moisturiser went on the missing list again from my room. However this time karma got him.....he used my tanning moisturiser....yep you guessed it - Dad had turned his face a rather fake shade of brown ahaha!

All jokes aside - I have a great and very close family but the small things in life when living on top of one another at home can start to become irritating. Some people have to share rooms with their siblings, have to inform their parents of their every move with what they're up to, even moving from the sofa to go upstairs for a few minutes can earn you a 'what you doing, where you going?' from your parents. In the grand scheme of things this is no big deal but when you know you have no choice but to live at home for what feels indefinitely - these silly little things get magnified and feel like the big things.

Can you believe four out of 10 of us aged 18-29 live at home with our parents because we simply can't afford to move out? For me, one of the most frustrating things is that some of us can actually afford monthly mortgage payments but we can not simply get together the thousands of pounds needed and expected for a deposit, even as a first time buyer. We're expected to have savings accounts of thousands of pounds....realistically who has this?!

We're not asking for much are we? We are asking for more responsibility, our own room, space, we don't want to be treated like kids anymore by our parents but how on earth are we expected to save for a deposit, give us a break guys - that's aimed at the government by the way and not our parents as after all, it's not their fault.

I was having a conversation with my brother a few weeks ago, it seems the best way to go about moving out is to move in with someone as obviously the debt is shared, but how many people want to move in with someone or share with a random? Also how many people want to rent - for some of us it feels like we're throwing money down the drain paying someone else's mortgage off for them.

Best advice given to me (which at the time sounded patronising) is take advantage of how easy life is living at home even if it doesn't feel it right now. Every time your Brother, Sister, Mum or Dad annoys you just think of how many years you'll have on your own in your own place when you do eventually move out. And it WILL happen as over time you'll either meet someone you want to live with and will move out and rent or buy with them, or your work might take you on a path you didn't see coming, you just never know what's around the corner.

Let's make a pact all of us....until we can afford to move out let's work hard, live, enjoy our friends and family, appreciate not having to worry about a bill when it comes through the door or worrying about paying a mortgage, stressing about boring adult stuff and carry on being big kids... on that note I'm just about to run upstairs and annoy my brother, might as well make the most of it aye ;)

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