18/01/2017 10:59 GMT | Updated 19/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Article 50 Vote Is UK's Last Safety Valve Between Its People And A Hard Brexit Bleed Out!

Yesterday we learned nothing that the PM hadn't already signaled in recent speeches, so you could say that at least Sterling didn't tank again. Of course that would be to misunderstand markets; the damage has already been done to our currency, since, as I've already said, all Theresa May did yesterday was reiterate her position.

And what a cataclysmic, devastating and disastrous stance it is too. Total departure, a scorched earth policy to anything that has anything to do with the European Union. Theresa May's Speech yesterday was 40 minutes long, but if you take out all the flowery bollocks about staying friends and doing what's right for everyone, her blinkered, and unfeasible, position, as I told the BBC News Channel yesterday is: HAVE CAKE & EAT IT.

We are supposed to believe that negotiators on the European side will give her everything she wants, just because she said it on TV; wonderful trading rights outside the European Single Market and Customs Union, while accepting no free access to the UK for their workers. Complete fantasy land if you ask me.

Mrs May says if they don't drop their trousers she'll walk away, but to what? And for what gain? Once Article 50 is triggered we have 730 days to come up with an interim deal, and if we don't we could end up with the same trading relationship with the EU as North Korea.

The PM has also promised that both houses of parliament will get a vote on the final deal. It wasn't quite clear if she meant the interim deal, due in roughly two years, or the final deal that many believe will take a decade. Either way this is a piece of 24-carat bone fide deceit. Let's say parliament don't like the deal and vote it down. Is the EU going to say 'oh sorry, we drove too hard a bargain, it's not to your liking . . . okay, let's get you a better deal then!' Only in Theresa May's fantasy land! Truth is they'll say - 'Vous avez voté pour. Maintenant, va te faire foutre!' Or words to that effect.

So our last chance to put any kind of muzzle on the PM's rabid dogs of Brexit is with full parliamentary scrutiny of the decision to trigger Article 50, which will be demanded by the Supreme Court, any day now. The Article 50 Bill will be the final safety valve between the UK's economy and the disastrous effects of exposing the country to life outside the EU, where we currently enjoy privileged access to 500 million customers, and its pool of skilled labour that has been propping us up for years.

This is why I have been funding Gina Millers' successful High Court challenge, and Supreme Court defense against Theresa May's attempt to subvert democracy (and the UK's constitution) and trigger Article 50 herself.

Once they are engaged in this process, MPs - who in all likelihood will vote for Brexit to begin - must take the opportunity to gain assurances from the PM's Brexit brigade, that they will not pursue the irresponsible hard line outlined in yesterday's speech.

I say last chance, but maybe the same could be said for Article 127 of the European Economic Area, which some say we won't leave when we trigger Article 50, and if true, would mean leaving the EU wouldn't block free movement of goods, services, or indeed people. Just saying . . . .