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Not All Breasts Are Created Equal

I'm paraphrasing here but it is true; not all breasts are created equal. And I'm not just talking from one person to the next. Even our own twin sets are not always twins, with one typically larger than the other.

I'm paraphrasing here but it is true; not all breasts are created equal. And I'm not just talking from one person to the next. Even our own twin sets are not always twins, with one typically larger than the other.

Our breasts are wonderfully unique to each of us, so why is it then that our bras are so uniform?

Every day we are shown the perfect way to holster our breasts and, even depending on our outfits, sizes, style, the cycles of the moon, they all seem to say the same thing - lift up and out.

If we're supposed to be thinking in a body positive way when looking at ourselves in a bra, how can we also be worrying about whether or not our breasts are front and centre?

It's counter-productive. We are constantly reading about how no two breasts are the same and how every person's body is beautiful, but this message seems to get lost when it comes to bras.

While the majority of bras do promote the 'lift upwards and forwards' effect on your bust, this doesn't mean that it is the be-all-and-end-all of how your boobs can look.

And even if they do, why not? They're your breasts after all - wear them however you want.

Pushed up boobs - what's wrong with flat? Or natural? Or banded?

We seem to have fallen into a trap of thinking there are two ways to wear your boobs; au-naturel and shoved up to your neck.

Did you know there are more than 26 different styles of bra available these days? 26! That is more underwear than my entire knicker, bra and sock drawer combined!

So, why do adverts always seem to stick with the same push-up style for every item of clothing worn?

Just because you are wearing a low cut dress, that shouldn't automatically mean that you need to rush out and grab yourself some cleavage enhancement.

Take a look at EmTalks' look from last year. She is rocking some serious cleavage and still enjoys the freedom of un-pushed boobs.

Round shape - but vintage loves pointy boobs!

Okay, so rounded orb-like breasts might be the pinnacle of breast beauty at the moment but that hasn't always been the case.

Actually, seeing how popular vintage clothing is at the moment, it's surprising that vintage style bras haven't had the same resurgence. And I really don't know why. I love the pointy boob look! Plus, you could use the extra space to store important things, like spare change, or your keys.

Madonna's pointy bra is probably one of the most famous reconstructions of this look, but you can tone it down and still rock the pointy look.

Vintage bras are a good choice if you're more well-endowed in the breasticle area. Only because they tended to use more material to cover your ladies.

But, as I'm championing freedom of choice here, if you prefer to let your breasts feel the cool summer breeze each and every day, you can still opt for a vintage style balconette or corset instead. All of the support and less of the coverage!

Your bra should cost the earth - Eh? Why?

There seems to be a bit of a myth that in order to give your boobs the best in life, you need to empty your wallet into your underwear drawer.

This is so not the case. While it is never a good idea to get an ill-fitting bra simply because it is cheap, you still don't have to spend a fortune to get something that looks good and fits right.

If no one is going to be seeing your bra on a night out (if that's your plan) why do you need to drop £50+ on it?

Matching panties? - we like our mis-matched knickers, thank you!

I once had a female relative exclaim with great anguish at the fact that I never wear matching bra and knickers. Actual shock and horror, I kid you not.

Honestly, who gives a flying nipple as to whether the black bra I'm wearing matches the hot pink pants I've got on?

The idea that Style A Bra must match with Style A Knickers is ridiculous. The truth is, pants don't need special support or underwire so it's so much cheaper and quicker to buy packs in bulk.

In the end - they are YOUR breasts

We can be so body positive about the rest of our bodies, it is time to give our breasts the same treatment.

Be proud, be confident, but most of all, be comfortable! Think about it, there wouldn't be so many memes depicting the release of a bra at the end of a day if there wasn't a grain of truth to it.