12 Movies That Will Melt Your Heart

We're bang in the middle of summer, so it might not seem quite right to suggest staying in and watching a movie. It is lovely and warm outside after all... BUT! it's also the season for romance, that, we can't deny...

We're bang in the middle of summer, so it might not seem quite right to suggest staying in and watching a movie. It is lovely and warm outside after all... BUT! it's also the season for romance, that, we can't deny... And, of course, there's never a bad moment for partaking in a beautiful love story...

This is my selection of 12 unforgettable films that will put you in the mood for a little summer romance, if you're not enjoying one already ;)

1- Love, Rosie (Germany - UK - 2014) - With Lily Collins and Sam Claflin - This is an independent movie, filmed between Ireland and Canada. I love the cinematography and the soundtrack in this film. It grabs your attention with its beautiful storyline and its two engaging protagonists. It all starts with a friendship between two teenagers, and takes you through years of up and downs in their lives... "It ain't over 'til it's over" as Lenny Kravitz sings... ;)

2- Not Suitable for Children (Australia - 2012) - With Ryan Kwanten and Sarah Snook - This movie is a romantic comedy set in Australia. It's quite easy-going and really funny with the added bonus of Ryan Kwanten, who many of you may recognise from True Blood. He plays the cutest role in this movie, he's totally adorable and seriously handsome. I would be likely to say yes to the favour he's asking of all his exes!

3- Like Crazy (UK - 2011) - Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin - Filmed between London & LA. If you asked me what my favourite movie is, I would probably answer with this one (aside from Dirty Dancing, obviously!).

I watched this film when I first moved to London and I fell in love with it. It's the type of movie that gets you thinking. I've seen it quite a few times and I love it every time, the cinematography, the locations, Jacob & Anna... Watch it and drop me a line with your conclusions, would love to know what others think about how this film ends...

4- The Last Kiss (USA - 2006) - Zach Braff and Jacinda Barrett - Filmed between Canada & USA. Many of you will be familiar with Zach, as he plays the main guy in Scrubs. This movie is a mix of drama and comedy, like life itself. I think is a good one for those of us sailing around our late twenties and early thirties... It's a great movie with some interesting lessons in it. Definitely worth a watch... or two, I've seen it at least 3 times, I love it!

5- Stuck in Love (USA - 2012) - Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly - "A story about first love and second chances" - I did cry watching this movie, even though it's not a drama at all, if anything it is quite funny, I'd say it's more of a comedy. But it's so touching and beautifully executed, that I couldn't hold back the tears! I've only seen it once, but I'll definitely be watching it again. It is a mix of stories of characters from the same family. Great soundtrack and storyline... Real love knows no bounds and this film really captures that!

6- The Painted Veil (USA - 2007) - Edward Norton and Naomi Watts - "Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people"

This is one of my favourite love films and books ever. The way the story and the chemistry build up between Kitty and Walter is incredibly exquisite. It's set in the 1920's and displays some pretty stunning Chinese landscapes along the way. The soundtrack is a delight too... Not to mention the unbeatable cast... If you haven't seen this movie, you're seriously missing out!

7- Crazy, Stupid, Love (USA - 2011) - Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling - I could not write a list of top love movies without including Ryan. He is one of my favourite actors and he pulls off a really cool Dirty Dancing scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love... You can't not love this guy! With such a great cast, including Emma Stone (who I really like too) and Julianne Moore, it would be hard for this film not to be a success. A really fun and very well-executed romantic comedy.

8- Save the Date (USA - 2012) - Lizzy Caplan and Mark Webber - This one is filmed mainly in California. Another great one for all you thirty-somethings, especially those of us living in big cities, finding ourselves overwhelmed by the unavoidable Tinder-Happn effect ... Dating, finding THE ONE, commitment issues... this film has it all, with a really fun setting.

9- Celeste & Jesse Forever (USA - 2012) - Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg - I imagine pretty much of all of us have gone through at least one big break up in our lives and we know, at least initially, how weird it is to adapt to the ex in question going from being your best friend to a total stranger... This movie portrays that situation very accurately, with something of a Bridget Jones touch. I personally thought it was a fantastic reflection of reality!

10- What's up doc (USA - 1972) - Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal - Set on the buzzing streets of San Francisco, this movie is one not to be missed! A total madhouse-style movie, set against the story of quirky Judy Maxwell and serious scientist Howard Bannister. You can't help but laugh along with these two and the rest of the cast in this crazy film.

11- Manuale d'amore (Italy - 2005) -Silvio Muccino and Jasmine Trinca - This movie dates back a few years now, it has had several nominations and awards and I absolutely loved it. It's filmed mainly on the streets of Rome, which already makes it pretty special, as Rome is such an idyllic place. The film starts off with the love story of Tommaso and Giulia and continues with 3 other intertwined episodes about life and love. A genuinely beautiful, Italian gem.

12- Reality Bites (USA - 1994) - Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke - I'm closing this list with one of my all-time favourite movies. Reality Bites is set in the 90's and it would seem things haven't changed much since in many aspects... The dating scene in town back then, looks pretty similar to the dating scene 20 years on... Ethan gorgeous, as always!

Well, that's my list, you can find details of these films and more of my favourites on my Pinterest, take a look! ☺

What's the one movie that melts your heart? Get in touch with me on facebook, would love to hear from you all!

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