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10 Utterly Delicious Things You Need to Eat in London

The Churchill Arms is another hidden gem in London, definitely among my favourites! - If you're lucky enough to know this place, you definitely know what I'm talking about... If you don't, get down there for a taste of what is all about...

1- THAI CALAMARI from Busaba Eathai

These guys serve delicious Thai specialties on their own particular way - their menu is composed of the classic Thai starters, stir-fried, noodles, rice dishes, but with some peculiar twists and ingredients... I can't get over their Thai Calamari! That's the one dish I've included in this list... I won't go into further details, you need to try it yourself... Busaba has different restaurants in different locations all around London, always handy for a great Thai byte!

2- CHOCOLOSUS from Fortnum & Mason

Chocolate lovers, get ready for a biscuit that will change your life, and I mean it!: Chocolosus - it is a macadamia nut biscuit covered with dark chocolate. I get friends ordering me boxes every time I visit Spain as you can only get them in Fortnum & Mason here in London -at least that I know- honestly, if you like chocolate and you have not tried this, you're seriously missing out...

3- TARTIFLETTE CREPE from The Kensington Creperie

This crepe is such a craving - Cream, lardoons, Ermitage & Cheddar cheese, potatoes, onions and white wine is the filling that makes this French specialty such a tasty one... If you're hungry enough -I always happen to be every time I visit this place hehe - they have great sweet crepes variety too. Their little terrace is lovely, just off South Kensington Station.

4- CHEESE STEAK BURGER & FRIES from Tommi's Burger Joint

These guys serve my favourite by far burger in the whole of London. The fries in my opinion are also among the very best in town. Plus, it is such a cool place! With a very casual and hip vibe, this Icelandic burger place is a little gem to be discovered in two central London locations, my beloved Marylebone High Street and their second brunch on Kings Road in Chelsea. Their signature steak burger with cheese is to die for. Check out also for their monthly specials...

5- KHAO PAD STIR-FRIED RICE from The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill

The Churchill Arms is another hidden gem in London, definitely among my favourites! - If you're lucky enough to know this place, you definitely know what I'm talking about... If you don't, get down there for a taste of what is all about... From the outsite is a beautiful English pub with the facade all covered on plants and greenery, but at the backside of the pub, they run a cosy Thai restaurant. Everything is real Thai style and taste, simply delicious! My favorite every time is their Khao Pad Stir Fried Rice...

6- PIZZA PARMIGIANA from The Salusbury Foodstore, Queens Park

I am quite picky about pizza. I'm not Italian, but pizza and pasta are among my favorites! So not just any old pizza gets the thumbs up... These guys know how to make pizza - And not only that, their desserts are a delight to the senses! -specially the homemade Tiramisu and Chocolate Cannolis - They have a deli style menu with great Italian flavours in it, I love it every time I visit. They're located in the charming Queens Park - a lovely area in North West London, simply perfect to get out of the buzzy bits of town : )


I love hash brown, it's probably my fav within the English breakfast... So no wonder why every time I visit Riding House Café, after scrutinising their very delicious and varied menu, I end up choosing the same thing, Chorizo Hash Brown - I love having brunch in this place in Fitzrovia - totally recommended!


This is probably pretty obvious for those of you born in the UK, but for me, Welsh Rarebit was some type of Welsh speciality made of radish! Ha! Luckily I visited Caravan with a couple of my English friends and they insisted I tried the Welsh Rarebit Sourdough, which turned out being a delicious choice made of cheese, Worcestershire sauce and mustard... Served in Caravan in Exmouth Market, great little cute street between Farringdon and Angel.

9- NUTELLA DUFFINS from Bea's of Bloomsbury

If you want to add up the perfect sweet touch to the day after the above mentioned Welsh Rarebit, you can do so at Bea's Bloomsbury a 10 minutes walk from Exmouth Market. They have a great sweets selection, for me their Nutella Duffin the absolute winner! : )

10- WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE from Gail's Artisan Bakery

* Image provided by Gail's Baked cheesecake is one of my favourite non-chocolate cakes - So how could I not love this version with a hint of white chocolate? Exquisite!

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