The Ultimate Guide for Overcoming a Breakup

There are plenty of types of breakups, probably just as many as people in this world. There are breakups in which you are coming out of a long relationship, which leads to an also long and some times tedious breakup period.

I believe that quite a few of us (if not all) have found themselves immersed in the middle of the very feared "Breakup".

There are plenty of types of breakups, probably just as many as people in this world. There are breakups in which you are coming out of a long relationship, which leads to an also long and some times tedious breakup period. It might also very well be that you are actually ending a shorter story, but one where the person in question had you completely off your feet.

There are breakups in which you've been cheated on, or maybe all the way around. Some that involve a lawyer or those that are just a "time off". Then there are those in which you get dumped and those in which you are the one who decided to finish things. If you initiated the breakup, you can tend to think, "it's all good, there will not be breakup sadness associated feeling", no? Well... it doesn't' work quite like that, don't you think?

No matter how the situation looks like and what leaded to it, breakups are nobody's cup of tea.

Thus I thought I'd share with you guys some "good practices" that may help you deal better with yours and hopefully move on faster.

First of all, I believe the golden rule in this cases is: Stop following other's advice on how to move on from your breakup and do simply whatever you want to do about it all.

Do you want to text? Do it. Do you not want to text? Then don't! Do you want to re-read old messages? Read them all. You want to delete them all, do.

Do you want to listen to some love songs that will make you cry? Play them loud! You feel like blocking that person in order not to see his/her face on your social media? What are you waiting for!? Perhaps you feel more like doing some research (the commonly known "stalking") on that special one? Go for it, but just in case, mind your finger ; )

Do you feel like getting a profile on a dating site? Awesome, do it. You don't feel like it, then don't do it. Maybe you think you need a bit of a comfort blanket? Go for it -as far as you're not going for someone who has feelings for you, to me this is well allowed-.

I think you get the picture, right? Just basically do as you please, feel as you wish, allow yourself to go through it all in the way that you feel more at ease. We all know it is a matter of time to get over it, it is completely up to you how you want to deal with it and navigate through the stormy waters until you reach paradise shore again ; )

Then here's some extras that do definitely help, at least they did help me every time...

EXERCISE - This one is compulsory. Despite feeling like it or not, this is factual. Exercise releases feel-good hormones, it raises your dopamine levels. That is, you will 100% feel better after a good workout session, no matter what sort of workout. It may be a good power yoga session, a run along the park, a a gym session, a salsa class or whatever it is that will make you move your body and sweat it all out...!

EAT NICE THINGS - Yes, this one is mandatory too. To me at least, nice food is as almost as good as good sex, which ultimately means, dopamine release and feel good vibes all around you and your chocolate cake ; )

HAVE A GLASS - Not 10, but yeah, have a nice glass of wine or two... By yourself or in good company. This will make you feel more at ease and see things with a bit more relaxed perspective. But remember, I said one or two. If you cross that very fine line, then you'll end up doing things you'll probably regret the following morning, as a) you will have a hangover, thus, dopamine levels all the way down to the red area and Bridget Jones miserable "All by myself" feeling, or b) you will have texted the ex or what's even worse, a previous ex! So, yeah, drink in moderation! ; )

LISTEN TO THIS SONG - Superstylin by Groove Armada mixed by Fat Boy Slim as loud as your speakers allow you to : )

CHECK OUT YOUR OWN "Pretty Fine" BOARD ON PINTEREST- Or create one if you don't have one just yet!

It will remind you that you have a whole planet to explore, full of interesting people that you could feel as attracted (or actually maybe even way more attracted) as you felt for your ex! Here's my Pinterest Board if you want to take a sneaky look ; )

I hope you enjoyed what you read and that if you're in the middle of some annoying breakup, you get out of it soon, and in the meantime, at least, you enjoy the bitter-sweet bits of it.

And you know, keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. Ah! And also keep reminding yourself that summer is just around the corner!! ; )

Happy days! xx

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