01/12/2015 07:35 GMT | Updated 29/11/2016 05:12 GMT

When Is It a Good Time to Give Up on Your Dreams?

This is a question that has been on my mind for sometime now, when it is a good time to give up on your dreams?

This may seem like a very simple question but the answer doesn't feel all that simple at all to answer. Now, that I am in my twenties, the pressure of life seems all the more real and being financial stable is all the more important. So when it is a good time to hang up your dream and realise, they aren't working out or giving you the financial stability you need because it is all the more expensive the more you grow up.

Because to me, if I give up and hang up my metaphorical hat, that's failure, now that may be a very black and white way of looking at it but in my eyes I didn't reach the end goal and that's a fail. Sadly my philosophy of it doesn't include all the successes I have had no matter how big or small or how much the whole process has made me into the person I am and like being.

So, if you hadn't already noticed this is my pessimistic side coming out.

But there is also the other case at hand here, what if you're just not good enough. Not to say anybody isn't good or even great at their job, career or hobbies and work truly hard at them but there will also be somebody smarter, better and more qualified, that's just life and that is certainly not an easy thing to admit to yourself that maybe this won't work out because of that fact.

But of course when you are best friends with your own doubts and fears, it can make the question all the more difficult.

Although this all important question does circle around me often, I have no intension of giving up on my dreams and my hopes for the future but I am increasingly aware that time is perhaps not on my side and the responsibility of life are beginning to weigh all the more heavily on my shoulders.

Yet, I refuse to fail and end up in a job I don't enjoy but I also do not wish to waste time, because then of course that age-old question comes in to play, what if? What if I had done this differently? What if I continued? What if I had quit early?

But then again that in its self is a very dangerous path to go down, so maybe I will leave that for another time?

What is the answer to the big and seemingly simple question, when is it a good time to give up on your dreams? Is there ever a good point? Is it ever ok to do so?

I want to here from you, do you have aspiring dreams? Did you give up on any? Why did you? Was it the right decision? Do you regret it or was it the best decision you have ever made?