07/11/2013 08:21 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

The Fashion Technologist Launches With #30daysofcoding experiment

To be a consumer of technology is one thing, to have the power to create the technology takes your game to a whole new level. Therefore the team behind chloédigital wanted to give insight into what life is like in this new and exciting industry of Fashion and Technology in London. At the beginning of November, we launched a new blog The Fashion Technologist. In this blog we aim to showcase the skills needed to be a Fashion Technologists and the characteristics that go along with it, in a fun and friendly way.

To launch, we decided to start with a raw Wordpress theme and for the 30 days of November, each day the blog will get an uplift. Whether it is a new section of code added, a new plugin installed and edited or a simple feature to ensure engagement is employed the best way possible, ultimately transforming it into a masterpiece. Amy Marsh, the latest Fashion Technologist Intern at chloédigital will be blogging daily about the triumphs and tribulations of the #30daysofcoding launch experiment, giving helpful tips and juicy code snippets along the way. Readers are invited to follow along and join in learning how to code along the way.




Technology is exploding, everywhere we look things are getting faster, more accessible and impressive. Considering we are in the "Digital Revolution" this hardly comes as much of a surprise. It would be fair to say the fashion industry was a little hesitant to get involved straight away, with many actually ridiculing Natalie Massenet's (Founder of Net-A-Porter) idea of buying clothes online (who's laughing now?!).

Times have changed and year on year technology is embraced more, we now have apps that can let us buy products by simply taking a picture of an item with our phone, virtual fitting rooms helping us ensure we get the right size when shopping online, and of course you will never miss a moment of fashion week nowadays thanks to social media and live streaming.

However, all these companies that are creating and developing these amazing pieces of software have a strong team of coding genius' behind them to help along the way. What if you wanted to get involved and experience what coding is all about? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could join the ranks of these said genius' and be a part of creating the technology that is embracing the fashion industry?

Bloggers for example, will need to know code as the blogosphere continues to grow and competition gets fiercer. The fashion industry especially have a lot of respect for them, their advertising alone is now rivalling glossy magazines! Unfortunately for some of them, place a section of code underneath their nose and a confused, intimidated look is likely to appear and that is the case for many people not just bloggers!

Now do not get me wrong they can pay out and get a company like chloédigital to help them along their way to building an amazing blog, that causes other bloggers to stare and long for. Alternatively, they could pick up a few tips on, from a fashion lover, active fashion blog reader and most importantly new intern of the fashion technologist's chloédigital.

Make sure to tune in each day and see how the blog develops and learn a thing or two about coding along the way! Whether you have a blog you want to update or simply would like to learn about coding make sure you check out The Fashion Technologist blog each day! I promise you coding is not as intimidating as it first looks!

Start your journey with coding here with day 1 on the blog. Remember to comment and let us know how you are getting on!