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Six Infamous Manager Meltdowns

Yes, this year's been controversy-rich already, but Pellegrini and even Mourinho have a way to go to catch up with those on this list...

2014 is still young, but it has been a productive year for managers blowing their tops already. Jose Mourinho, for one, has been as fiery as ever, the highlight being his sending off and subsequent obligatory rant at referee Chris Foy. Manuel Pellegrini has impressed too, with his unexpected attack on Swedish football after a debatable penalty decision went against his Manchester City side.

Yes, this year's been controversy-rich already, but Pellegrini and even Mourinho have a way to go to catch up with those on this list.

6. Tim Sherwood

Tim Sherwood's been having a pretty rough time of it lately. After a month in which he's blamed the referees and his own players for their misfortune, the Tottenham manager found a new target for his frustration in Sunday's defeat to Arsenal - his trusty gilet, which he flung at the bench with surprising venom.

Amazingly, this was Sherwood's third outburst in just one week, including the rants against his own players after their 4-0 defeat to Chelsea and against Benfica coach Jorge Jesus in the sides' Europa League tie.

Then again, perhaps Sherwood's anger on Sunday was less about his side's performance and more to do with the realisation that his gilet was a horrible fashion choice - he clearly didn't inherit his predecessor's fashion sense.

5. Giovanni Trapattoni

"Weak like a bottle empty!"

Trapattoni remains a legend in Italy, but in Germany he's best remembered for his two brief spells in charge of Bayern Munich and one outburst in particular.

In his second spell, he was being criticised by his own players. Instead of handling things quietly, the Italian channelled the traditional passion of his countrymen in a bizarre rant, delivered in barely-understandable German.

After declaring his players were "weak like a bottle empty", Trapattoni went on to lose out on the Bundesliga title to newly promoted Kaiserslautern and left his job at the end of the season.

It's unclear whether his players emptied a few bottles in celebration of his departure.

4. Rafa Benitez's Facts

If we dug deep enough, it would probably be possible for Rafa to populate this list by himself. The man's a walking volcano, although he's fast running out of people to shout about.

Possibly his most infamous moment came in early 2009. Liverpool looked like they were in danger of winning their first title in nearly 20 years when Rafa snapped in a press conference.

"I want to be very clear," he began. "I want to talk about facts."

Taking pot shots at Sir Alex Ferguson and referees along the way, he went on stating his 'facts' for several minutes, leaving viewers baffled by his outburst.

Another fact for the record - Liverpool struggled to a draw against Stoke two days later and ended the season trailing Manchester United by 4 points. Sorry Rafa.

3. Joe Kinnear and the Daily f****** Mirror

When his appointment as Newcastle's interim boss wasn't met with universal praise in the national media, Kinnear had a chance to win over the papers in his maiden press conference at St James' Park.

His first words to the assembled media corps? "Which one's Simon Bird? You're a c***!"

Well, start as you mean to go on, Joe.

And go on he did! A 10 minute tirade followed in which he swore over 50 times, including telling Niall Hickman to "f*** off and go to another ground".

Kinnear's time in charge of Newcastle was cut short later that season when he left to have heart surgery.

2. Fergie Gives Becks the Boot

Sir Alex Ferguson has always been said to rule the dressing room with an iron fist - and occasionally a set of metal studs.

After a defeat to Arsenal, Ferguson was giving Beckham the famous hairdryer treatment when the England star swore at him (Beckham? Petulant? Perish the thought).

Ferguson responded by kicking a boot at his player, which connected and opened up a gash on Beckham's head.

In almost any other job and indeed at any other club, Ferguson would've been out the door before he could say "Fergie time", but it's a testament to the esteem in which he's held at Old Trafford that he stayed for a full decade more before retiring.

Or perhaps everyone was too scared to ask him to move on. Wouldn't you be?

1. Kevin Keegan

"I will love it if we beat them. Love it."

It had to be, didn't it? 10 words have never followed a man around as much as those from Kevin Keegan.

Feeling the pressure as his Newcastle side let their 12 point lead over Manchester United slip away, Keegan embarked on one of the most famous sporting rants of all time.

Surprise surprise, Keegan's blustering, stumbling rant failed to inspire his Magpies side and Ferguson's team coasted to the title.

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