20/05/2014 12:56 BST | Updated 20/07/2014 06:59 BST

Five Reasons Why the Van Gaal-Giggs Partnership Is the Perfect Match for Manchester United

For the second time in the last 12 months, a new era has begun at Old Trafford, this one being headed by Louis van Gaal and assisted by United legend Ryan Giggs.

United will be hoping that they last longer than David Moyes's 10 months and early signs for the management duo are promising - here's a few reasons why.

5. Van Gaal Has the Experience

Van Gaal has won 19 trophies with four different clubs, including the league titles of three different countries.

After leading the Dutch national team to qualification for the World Cup with a goal difference of +29 from just 10 games, van Gaal has shown that he can succeed almost anywhere he goes.

Giggs, on the other hand, is raw. In managerial terms, at least, with the last four games of the 2013/14 season his only managerial experience.

As assistant to one of the more prolific modern coaches, Giggs could stand to learn a lot from the Dutchman, which will help him if he succeeds van Gaal when the 62-year-old eventually leaves the club, as many expect.

4. Giggs Has the 'Local Knowledge'

One of the main criticisms of David Moyes as United manager and possibly one of the reasons that the fans never really took to him, was that he didn't understand the 'United Way'.

The United Way, as they say, isn't something that can be taught. It's a mindset and it's incredibly important at the club.

Ryan Giggs promised the fans that he'd bring it back and as van Gaal's second in command, may well have the power to do so.

In addition, van Gaal hasn't had time to earn the respect of the fans and has a reputation for being a slow starter at clubs, beginning to prosper fully in his second or third season. Having Giggs at his side may buy him the fans' loyalty and patience.

3. Both Have the Respect of the Players

Ryan Giggs has been a senior player at United for many years now and his experience, dedication and incredible talent have earned him the respect of almost everybody at the club. There are players at United who would run through brick walls if Giggs asked them to, something they would never do for Moyes.

The respect for van Gaal comes from a different place - results. The Dutchman has had success with enough different sides for it not to be a fluke and the players at United will respect that he knows his stuff. In addition, Robin van Persie has a close relationship with van Gaal and will no doubt sing his new club boss' praises to his teammates.

2. Good Cop/Bad Cop

The respect that the players have for Giggs comes with a caveat - they've been on equal footing with him, all as squad players, for years. Giggs is the perfect man to put an arm around the shoulder of an under performing player, but may not be able to dish out the tongue-lashings that Sir Alex Ferguson was famous for.

This is where van Gaal comes in. To quote Man City chief executive Ferran Soriano, "He is very tough, people don't like him but he wins. And one day you won't win - and when you don't win everybody that is angry with you will come back and try to kill you."

Van Gaal will be hoping that Giggs' more familiar influence with the players at Old Trafford will keep the players happy with the regime, despite his sometimes abrasive personality.

1. They're Both Massively Motivated

If the prospect of his first non-playing role wasn't enough to motivate Giggs, he's doing it at the club he spent his entire career at.

It's for the best that the Welshman reacts well to pressure situations, because the pressure he'll be putting on himself to succeed will be huge.

Van Gaal has a lot to prove too, having been out of club management for a few years since being sacked by Bayern Munich. He's also never managed in England and will badly want to drag Manchester United back to the peak of English football, kicking and screaming if necessary.

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