30/08/2017 07:50 BST | Updated 30/08/2017 07:50 BST

Ten Worst Wedding Mistakes

From dressing like the bridesmaid, or worse still, the bride! The most annoying and offensive wedding behaviours have been listed. Check out the top 10 worst wedding mistakes of all time.

1. In TOP position is of course - The best man's speech. Cringe worthy speeches about ex-girlfriends and stories that should well and truly only stay between close friends, should not go anywhere near that best man's speech! They should also not go on for days on end. Five minutes is more than long enough. Got it guys? OK, Let's move on...

2. Inappropriate outfit choices - This is mostly one for the women now. Wearing a white dress as a wedding guest is a definite no no. Everyone knows it's the number one rule for 'things not to wear as a wedding guest'. Then there's the whole, going dressed in the same colour dress as the bridesmaids situation. Also a big no no. Always check what the bridesmaids are wearing so you don't clash. That goes for the same style too. Black is a colour you should only wear at a funeral. Find your own (smart, colourful) outfit and hope that another guest doesn't turn up in the same one! As for you men, don't go for the casual look unless it's stated on the invite. Wearing jeans or trainers will have you frowned upon by many.

3. Uninvited guests - Bringing someone who was not invited, failing to RSVP but turning up, arriving late or changes tables. All of this fits under this category. Never bring someone who does not have an invitation. A lot of time goes into planning a wedding and numbers would have been counted/food and drinks would have been pre paid, so to simply turn up with a plus one just isn't on. The tables are also usually already planned and set up so don't then go changing names around and sitting where you like. People have been placed in those seats for a reason. Be that dietary requirements, guests needing to be nearer an exit or purely just because that's where the couple want people to sit. It is rude to make up your own rules.

4. Taking flash photography at the ceremony - The photographer the couple have hired and paid, what is probably a small fortune, to capture these precious moments does not want to be completely ruined by guests snapping away with their camera phones or other fancy cameras. The photographer will be trying to get the correct lighting and the right angle and this can be tricky when guests are falling into the aisle waving their cameras about. The photographer should be the only person using flash photography.

If you are reading this and are now worried people will be doing this, please have your officiant announce that there will be a no camera policy in place until after the ceremony has taken place.

5. Posting on social media when asked not to - NO! This is a huge one. Even when not asked to it's seen as rude. The couple wish to post their announcement and official photos in their own time. Auntie Joan who couldn't make the wedding due to being in hospital wouldn't want to see photos plastered all over social media the minute the ceremony had finished. She would rather be sent them from the couple the next day.

6. Forgetting to put your phone on silent/turn it off - DOH! This is the last thing people want to hear when such an important event is about to take place. Do this before you arrive at the location so there are no awkward moments.

7. Wearing sunglasses in church - You're indoors! You firstly need to see where you are going, you also need to see the actual ceremony. It's classed as rude and inappropriate behaviour so please make sure these are put away before you enter a building. It's not cool.

8. Getting drunk/arguing - Come on people. Try and put things to one side and not cause a scene. Drinking excessively is usually what happens at weddings but know your limits and don't go overboard!

9. Trying to chat up the bride or flirt with the groom - Don't do it. The newlyweds surely don't want to be hearing or seeing any of that and neither do the guests. CRINGE!

10. Being too aggressive when trying to catch the bride's bouquet - The chance for all the single women to huddle together and jump all at once is almost like an accident waiting to happen. No one wants to look desperate when reaching for it. A lot of brides actually leave this part out now for fear something bad will happen. Either to a single female guest or the bouquet itself getting ruined.