01/09/2017 06:39 BST | Updated 01/09/2017 06:39 BST

Are You A Bridezilla?

Are you worried you are starting to turn into a bridezilla? Your friends have totally deserted you, all so they didn't have to put up with yet another one of your meltdowns. Maybe it's happening to someone you know? Find out by answering the questions below...

Meaning of bridezilla- To be a totally unreasonable bride to be.

1. Top of your to do list today is...

A. Check in with your bridesmaids, it's been a whole three hours and 15 minutes since you last did it.

B. Trawl Pinterest for that perfect hairstyle.

C. Read some Chantilly Rose blogs to get a few top tips from a wedding expert.

2. Your mum can't seem to find an outfit that she's happy with. What do you say to her?

A. Er, hello?! It's my day not yours you know! Just put any old thing on.

B. Sorry, I'm a bit busy to help you look right now but can you send me over some photos of the kind of style you would be happy with.

C. Don't worry, I'll help you find something you're comfortable in.

3. How many wedding dresses have you tried on?

A. I've totally lost count after around the 30th one I put on.

B. A few but I've not found 'the one' just yet!

C. None yet but it is on my to do list. I'll get round to it soon I guess.

4. Your bridesmaids are wearing...

A. What ever I want them to wear, even if it does make them look ridiculous. If I want it, it's happening and there's nothing they can do about it!

B. Something from the high street, we're going to look around soon.

C. What they feel comfortable in, although I do get the last say.

5. The week before your wedding day you suddenly get what seems the biggest spot you've ever had, right on your forehead. What do you do?

A. Break out (get it?) into a full on temper tantrum, call all your bridesmaids and tell them this awful breaking news. How dare this happen right now of all times?!

B. Call your beautician friend and ask if there is anything she can recommend to help clear your skin.

C. Don't sweat it!, there's worse things that could have happened and there is nothing you can do about it now so you go about your day as normal.

6. Your wedding day is...

A. The most amazing day of your life, it just has to be perfect!

B. Months of planning and stress, which will turn out to be worth it in the end.

C. A great day, you will have a brilliant party and become a wife at last.

7. It's your wedding day! What's your first thought?

A. That florist better arrive on time with those specially flown in flowers I demanded for last week.

B. I hope everything goes to plan today.

C. Where's the champagne?!


Mostly A's - You're a BRIDEZILLA!

You are totally unreasonable. Time to take a step back and let off some steam before you go asking your bridesmaids to do yet another task for you.

Mostly B's - You're an ORGANISED BRIDE

You have your wedding planning under control. You are balanced and organised. You can do this!

Mostly C's - You're a CHILLED BRIDE

At the end of the day, all you want is for you and your fiancé to have a nice day and finally get married. You don't let the small things get in the way.