Wedding Emergency Kit

31/08/2017 11:33 BST | Updated 31/08/2017 11:33 BST

Even after all that planning, there may still be some slight emergencies.

If you're getting married and don't know what you should include in your wedding emergency kit, you totally need to read this blog.

If you've been to any wedding ever, you will know all about having a wedding emergency kit. But do you know what you should include? It's usually the maid of honour's job to put this kit together but brides love to do one themselves just to be on the safe side. If you are the type of bride that likes to take charge then why not add the essentials and let your maid of honour add any last items.

Wedding planners keep a vast array of items in their emergency kit, which they take with them to every wedding but here are a few that you should include:

 First Aid/Medical Kit - This doesn't have to be huge. Even a travel one will do but ensure you have your essential items such as pain relief, plasters, allergy tablets and antiseptic at a minimum.

 Mini Sewing Kit - You never know when this may come in handy! Include scissors, buttons and some safety pins in various sizes.

 Sun Cream - Usually the weather in the UK is pretty awful but if you have a summer wedding it might be a good idea to keep your skin protected from harmful rays.

 Wet Wipes/Anti Bacterial Wipes - These are great for so many reasons.

 Tissues - To dry those happy tears.

 Mints - There will be a lot of close conversations, not to mention that kiss!

 Deodorant/Perfume - A bride has always got to smell her best.

 Hair Pins - After all the hugging of relatives and dancing, your hair can become loose over time.

 Makeup - Lipstick in particular but you may opt for lip balm instead.

 Compact Mirror - So you can put your makeup on without worrying if it's ok or not.

 Tweezers - Mostly handy for stray hairs but also great for splinters.

 Baby Powder - For absorbing sweat and helping with chafing.

 Oil Blotting Sheets - For the bride with oily skin moments.

 Hair Brush/Comb - It could be a windy day and your hair may need adjusting.

 Sanitary Products - Even if you don't need one, someone else might.

 False Nail/Eyelash Glue - For obvious reasons.

 Spare Tights - Some people think girls don't wear tights anymore but you really would be surprised by how many actually do!

 Straws - You wouldn't want to go spilling your drink down the bridal gown.

 Clear Nail Varnish - This helps with tears as well as chipped nail paint.

 Stain Remover/White Chalk - Stain devils is good for specific stains such as grass/mud or wine. White chalk is just as good for a quick removal.

 Breast/Body Tape - To keep everything where it should be.

 Hemming Tape - In case anything comes loose.

 Umbrella - You can get clear ones or even bridal brollies these days. Usually a guest or the photographer has a spare you can borrow, as well as the wedding planner if you don't have one but just keep this one in mind.

 Flat Shoes - Such as flip flops or a spare pair for when the dancing gets too much.

 Phone Charger - In case you need to contact a supplier last minute and your battery is running out.

 Eye Drops - Keep your eyes moist and refreshed. If the bride wears contact lenses ensure to carry some spare solution as well as the case and a spare set of contacts.

 Lint Roller - For any small bits of fluff still lurking on the suits.

 Super Glue - For fixing shoes, hair accessories and more.

 Bin Bags - Not just for rubbish. These are great for toilet use. Cut a hole at the bottom. Step in it and pull upwards tucking in your dress, then go to the toilet without getting someone to hold your dress up for you.

Every bride is different so not all wedding emergency kits will be the same. Just choose what you think is needed from the list and add your own. What ever you feel might be needed. Check your kit the night before and make sure your maid of honour knows how to access it quickly should you need an item or two from it.

Happy Wedding Planning!