Why Flying Is Never Plain Sailing

When did people become so comfortable with being so uncomfortable? Is it really worth the money you save? I used to love flying and now I hate it.

Very few things have the ability to stress me out as much as a flying from one point to another.

Everything about the airline industry seems like it is dead against simplicity and nothing is ever as it appears that it should be.

From the online check-in (which despite best efforts to log in seconds after it is possible to do so, usually has no aisle seats left) to trying to find your bags at your destination (which are always on the furthest conveyor from the gate you landed at) it always seems like someone is waiting to trip you up.

The thing is that this usually unpleasant experience isn't confined to budget airlines, the big names are usually no more enjoyable.

The way your luggage is handled is also a major roller-coaster ride. Be it the rigid hand-baggage regulations employed by many airlines (kudos to EasyJet for actually sorting this out) or the way your hold luggage is treated, I always feel somewhat violated when I arrive at my destination and unpack.

I have had some incredibly weird experiences; On one flight my luggage came back smelling of Vodka with everything inside damp with the liquid. Another time a load of chargers were stolen out of my bag but the rest of the camera equipment was left alone.

But the weird experiences are far outweighed by the solemn occasions when things are actually damaged or the whole damn case goes missing. I remember one holiday when my bags took 4 days to actually arrive as they were sent on a flight to god-knows-where. It was incredibly inconvenient and the thought of loosing all of my possessions was gut wrenching.

The thing about air-travel is that for many of us, it is to a certain extent at least, a necessity, which is why it is so frustrating that no one seems to be trying to make it better.

I love some of the incredible innovations that are being worked on; such as bringing the internet on-board. In-flight Wi-Fi is fast becoming a reality and it is wonderful to think we will be able to surf the net from 36,000 feet in the near future.

But before we all go tech mad, why not try and invest in the passenger experience? In my opinion Recaro has made a huge difference by creating seats which are slimline therefore allowing more legroom without compromising comfort, but is this enough?

Of course there's a huge element of cost when it comes to flying and 'the cheaper the better' in many peoples opinions, surely though there is a limit?

When did people become so comfortable with being so uncomfortable? Is it really worth the money you save? I used to love flying and now I hate it.

We all want to save money, but there has to be some consideration for our own wellbeing and despite air travel being extremely safe, I challenge you to find those that say they really enjoy it.