09/05/2014 13:21 BST | Updated 09/07/2014 06:59 BST

Positively Negative

I'm lying in bed, I should be asleep, I have to be up early tomorrow morning, and I really ought to be getting my eight hours, but I'm not. Instead, I had an uncontrollable urge to write this blog. Lord knows I've put it off long enough, but for good reason. You see, I wanted to wait until I'd found out if I'd got a writing job from a few weeks ago, but then I didn't get the job, and then I got another job because I have to pay the bills like everyone else, and then I found myself so exhausted with this new job (that has nothing to do with writing by the way) that I've just not had (made) the time, until now. If that sounds complicated, let me explain.

A few weeks ago I got a call from an agency about a writing job. They wanted me to apply. I read the job description and straight away picked out all the bits I couldn't do, and gave no attention to the things I could. I told the agency to send my CV anyway, and was surprised to hear back inviting me to an interview. Instead of feeling elated, I felt petrified - as soon as they realized I didn't have Photoshop and video editing experience, they'd be sure to cancel, I'd told myself. The agency offered to prep me pre-interview, which I declined. What was the point? I thought. I didn't think I had a chance in hell of getting the job - it was out of my league, not to mention pay. However, I decided to meet the recruitment agent.

After a few minutes of me talking about what I couldn't do re the job description, the recruitment agent looked at me bewildered as he asked why on earth I would undersell myself so much, when it was clear to him I was beyond competent. For a moment I didn't say anything. I'd heard it before, of course, but this time it struck a chord. He then proceeded to list all of my strengths. The agent told me to focus on all the things I could do, and turn anything I hadn't done into a positive. I went away feeling more determined to get the job than ever before. It suddenly became a personal challenge.

I got myself suited and booted and, if you don't mind, I looked pretty damn professional. I went along to my interview, nervous, but confident, and I couldn't believe how my change of attitude paid off. I answered all their questions and threw back their queries with a positivity that bounced off the walls, and they loved it. So much so I got through to the second interview stage - a writing test with a deadline. I gave it my undivided attention and only allowed thoughts of succeeding to pass through my mind, and guess what - I got through to the final interview stage. It was down to me and one other candidate. However, during my interview, I slipped up - I'd not researched a particular link they'd given me in the first interview. It was a silly error on my part, with a major effect, and I was told it was the only reason I'd not got the job. I was gutted, initially, but quickly accepted my blunder.

I truly believe if I'd listened to my own negativity, and if I'd not gone to see the agent, I'd never have got past the first interview stage. Instead, I decided to believe in my ability and as a result I got down to the final two - out of hundreds of applicants. Not bad I'd say!

My point is, nothing good can come from focusing on the negatives. In fact, you only attract the things you don't want. Turning things around and focusing on all the things you can do, is a sure way of getting closer to the things you want. I am a professional writer, and I am available for any writing requirements, so please, drop me a line!