17/07/2013 07:34 BST | Updated 15/09/2013 06:12 BST

The Baby Leveller


You've got to feel for the Cambridges. (Not the global media attention or the world and it's grandparents-to-be. Not that bit). No, I mean the waiting bit.

Kate in partic.

Whatever kind of parents you're going to be (and how privileged you are), pregnancy, birth and early parenthood is a total leveller.

All parents-to-be have to go through the long, final last week of pregnancy waiting for The Waters Breaking, while mum-to-be tries to maintain an air of pre-natal serenity and calm. All mums-to-be have to go through the pain and uncertainty of The Birth. And at some point, all new parents have to emerge blinking from their baby bubble into The Real World and the spotlight of, if not the world's paparazzi, then the comparably intense scrutiny and apparently unwaning interest of family and friends.

If, as Camilla's clanger suggests, Kate is now overdue and awaiting being induced (if she's still planning the reported natural birth, this would explain her mil's certainty on the timings), then however many dips in the Middleton's swimming pool she's taking to cool off; however many reassuring conversations she's having with her mum, midwife and birthing team; she's bound to feeling hot, uncomfortable and (whisper it) the tiniest bit out of control.

So as a mum of two, at this point I can tell you with some certainty exactly what Kate is thinking right at this minute.