19/01/2015 07:45 GMT | Updated 21/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Reasons Why Blue Monday Doesn't Have to Be Blue

It's that time of year again - it's Blue Monday. Or is it? Does this particular Monday in January have to be 'blue'? Yes, this is the day when we're all supposed to be 'officially depressed'. I know... it doesn't make sense. I felt fine yesterday so why am I being told that I'm depressed today? Even if you are feeling the January blues, there are still plenty of reasons to be feeling quite the opposite. Let's not start the year on a sour note, let's push on and make the best of the first month of the year.

January is almost over!

There's barely over a week left of the month - we're almost at the finishing line. Let's do this! You've made it this far and February is just around the corner so why get fed up now when the end is so close.

Payday will be here soon!

Since the end of January is nigh, that means payday is close too. January can be a poor month for us all after Christmas. The sheer length of January and being paid earlier in December means the last few weeks of the month can be a little tough on the purse strings but hold on for a little longer because it's coming and it's going to feel amazing.

We're closer to spring...

The weather suddenly dips in January and those darker nights are compounded by the fact it's colder and drearier than before. However, the end of January means we're closer to spring - official springtime starts in March, only a month away.

Being indoors isn't all that bad...

Don't get me wrong; last summer was lovely - the weather, the long outdoors runs, the bike rides, beer gardens, balmy summer evenings. However, there's nothing wrong with a little indoor time in winter and January is the perfect month to revisit your inner hermit. Having friends around for dinner, nights in catching up on books, films and TV in your PJs... marvellous!

All the great TV shows start...

That's right - TV gets good again! From January onwards, expect all your favourites and a few new shows to start and any series' that took a break return as well. Great dramas like Broadchurch have already started, American Horror Story: Freak Show's last few episodes are now on air, The Walking Dead... but we've also got so much more to look forward to - House of Cards, Vikings, Louie. There's an array of great TV on throughout the winter months.

Blue Monday is just a concept, it's not real!

The most important thing to remember about Blue Monday is that it's not real. Did anyone bother about Blue Monday before the media made it a 'thing'? Well... no! I can't imagine cavemen waking up billions of years ago scratching their noggins wondering why they were too depressed to hunt and gather. It doesn't make sense. It's a concept, much like Black Friday. Don't believe what you read - our feelings are our own and we can feel happy or sad on any given day of the year.