12/03/2014 08:32 GMT | Updated 10/05/2014 06:59 BST

Political Revolution Could Happen Within a Generation

Like thousands of other Britons across the country, I begin my days by catching up on the latest news. And, on an increasingly frequent basis, it is often enough to make me feel like crawling back under the covers - or search for the latest "21 Cutest Animals Ever!" Buzzfeed.

Another day, another horror story. Woman in coma threatened with benefits sanction. Legal aid cuts leaving the poorest with no defence in the most complex rape and murder cases. European Court begins proceedings against UK government for air pollution in London worse than at the peak of the Great Smog.

As I read, petition after petition pops into my inbox, their creators desperate to stall the worst of this government's destruction of the health and dignity of its populous. Then come the charity emails, asking me to help make-up the widening budget void between the cuts to their funding and the ever increasing need of those they support. Millions of people are in their own ways trying to do their bit - signing petitions, giving to food banks, waving their banners furiously - but they can only ever be sticking plaster solutions. A concession here; a life saved there.

Making my way to the comments section of the papers in search of the answer, column after column is rife with condemnation - but the solutions they advocate are varied or non-existent. Some, like the recent Guardian piece by Razmig Keucheyan, are effervescent in their description of the damage being done to our society and planet and argue nothing short of revolution will halt it.

My friends and colleagues, like the columnists, invariably fall into two camps when it comes to solutions. One, the Polly Toynbee collective, exhort me to pray for the return of the revolutionary Labour of old, the spirit of which which still hangs in the air at Tolpuddle Festival, where local members address each other as "comrade". But this party has long since departed from the corridors of Whitehall - inequality widened and environmental degradation continued under Labour's watch.

The other group, usually younger and more radical, talk like Keucheyan and Russell Brand of revolutions .They are the ones who camped outside St. Pauls in 2012; the loyal protest attendees. But when I ask them how they vote it often emerges that, like Russell, they don't. They are waiting for a revolution I fear will never arrive.

So if I may be so bold as to intrude into your morning routine of coffee, newspaper and desperation, I would like to draw your attention to a third way - one between hoping that the Labour leopard will change its spots and climbing up large buildings in protest. If we join forces and campaign strategically for one political party that genuinely puts social equality and sustainability first, I believe a political revolution could happen within a generation.

The best thing is: there isn't even any need to waste vital time and energy setting up such a party. It already exists - and has two MEPs, two London Assembly Members, an MP and over a hundred councillors up and down the country. As the opening line of its policy compendium states: "The Green Party aims to create a just, equitable and sustainable society". Just the kind of society that millions across the country (and the world) are struggling outside the political system to build.

My challenge to you today is simple. If you believe that we need a fairer and more sustainable society, vote Green. Even better - join the party. Help us rewrite any policies you think may be wrong; stand yourself as a Green candidate. Start by leafleting, canvassing, blogging, telling your friends, and help us elect more Green MEPs in this year's European election. Next year, help Brighton and other constituencies retain or gain their Green MPs. When the Greens reach a critical level of representation, we will be able to change our unfair voting system into one that is proportional - paving the way for the election of even more MPs that put the interest of their constituents before their own. Look forward to that day in 20 or so years' time when we don't need to march to Westminster to protest - because the government inside will already be working hard to meet our needs.

I believe there are enough of us who want a genuine and radical change to our individualist, capitalist and environmentally unsustainable society to make this revolution happen. So when you read that next horror story in the news, resist the urge to YouTube "cute donkeys" and instead sign up to the Green Party. The revolution has already started - join it.